The Californian Bistro, Maddy’s was created by a Franco-American named Jonathan Jablonski. Jonathan is an athlete who is passionate about body building, nutrition and sweets! He managed to combine all three of his passions perfectly into a restaurant.

When you take a look at the menu you will notice that there are some healthy options such as a muscle bowl or a detox juice. Then you will also see things like cheeseburgers, freakshakes and cake! This way there’s a pick for everyone: Whether you just came from the gym after a tough workout to get your daily dose of nutrients or if you have been making healthy choices all week and it’s time for your cheat day! 

Offering all athletes and foodies alike homemade sauces, fries, artisan bread baked in their workshop, freshly homemade baked goods and desserts. All the portions are pretty big, as in American-sized! 

Maddy’s has a coffee shop open all day that serves specialty Arabica coffee from Ethiopia, Brazil & Peru. They even have iced coffee drinks such as iced cappuccino or iced coffee.

They even have a Sunday brunch buffet served from 11h-16h. It is a self-service all you can eat buffet…It doesn’t get much more authentically American than that! Prices vary from €35 for an adult and €12 for a child.

Article by Katie Chaplin

This Sunday comes a holidays that we all tend to binge a little on sugary treats. Easter! The Easter Bunny seems to sneak in a basket full of candy and we all can’t say no. When life hands you a basket of candy, you take it, right? But, maybe this year you will want to be more careful of what you are eating. 

Unfortunately, there are some candies that you might want to avoid this year and every year to come! Some delectable treats like chocolate eggs or bunnies are ranked the least bad for your teeth. As for the worst, they are the candies like hard candies, taffy, caramels and…sour gummies! Any kind of gummies for that matter.

These kinds of candies you suck on and leave in your mouth longer. Dr. Anita Imadomwanyi states that these are the worst for your teeth. They are not only acidic but also sticky! They will weaken your enamel and make you more susceptible to cavities. 

We all knew candy wasn’t great for us, but this news still is the worst! If you are going to say screw it and eat these teeth rotting candies anyway there are at least are few guidelines to go by that will help. If you eat candy after your meals and brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash afterwards, you might be safe! 

Article by Katie Chaplin

Are you mad for matcha? This specific form of green tea is becoming all the rage with its unique taste and its proven health benefits. Not to mention that matcha-based recipes often look aesthetically pleasing! When drinking the high-quality tea – that was turned into powder, you are actually ingesting entire tea leaves. That’s a way more potent source of nutrients than your usual green tea! It is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The antioxidants found in matcha protect against heart disease and cancer, can regulate blood sugar levels, and reduce blood pressure as well as the effects of aging. One more important thing: matcha has caffeine in it, thus providing other ways to fight drowsiness! What more can we ask for?


Geraldine Ridaura started this cafe after finding inspiration from her frequent trips to Japan. She discovered the many health benefits of matcha tea and fell in love with the taste. Now, she wants everyone to get on board with it and enjoy the experience of drinking green tea daily. Here, you will find lattes, ice-cream, chia puddings, matcha lemonades, matcha morchatas and avocado toasts!


Cha Cha Matcha created a space where people can not only enjoy the intriguing taste of matcha but also truly enjoy their time inside the cafe. Cha Cha Matcha continues to experiment with new ways to serve the powdered goodness. You can also buy their high-quality matcha online and in store to make yourself some at home.


If there were a king of matcha pastries, Kova Patisserie would take the crown. This bakery offers a wide range of matcha-based pastries and, of course, the matcha latte that comes with it. They have it all, from cakes, rolls, tiramisu to crepes and tarts!


This cafe’s goal is to familiarize the French crowd with matcha in a different kind of way. Not only do they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they also have a small space where you can do your grocery shopping and buy imported goods. At night, they offer gastronomic tastings as well as gatherings with matcha producers. They also host conferences. Enjoy an authentic Japanese meal here with your matcha latte or dessert.


You can never go wrong with coffee and donuts. Short Stop offers fresh, home-made donuts throughout the day. They only use high-quality products with natural ingredients. They use organic milk and source their coffee from specialty roasters. You can enjoy a tasty matcha donut and latte or pick from the many other options they provide.

For more excellent food recommendations all over the world, check out Paulette Map! You’ll be able to experience our discoveries and hidden gems for yourself!

Article by Katie Chaplin

Paulette Map brings all you carboholics the tastiest Italian restaurants from many different locations. We can never eat enough carbs, right? All of these places are to die for and are going to make you want to eat your heart out! The more pasta the better!


From Naples to Paris, Caterina is bringing you the best flavors of Italy to satisfy your pasta cravings! The Chef Nicola named this restaurant after his mother and daughter Caterina. He incorporates his family heritage and traditions into every dish. Every dish is served with attention to detail all the way down to the delicate porcelain detailed plates. 

The Grand Épicerie Rive Droite – 80 Avenue de Passy 

Monday to Saturday 12H-15H | 19H-23H


It doesn’t get much more authentic than this. Right inside of Rome you will find fresh homemade pasta and real Roman cuisine! Raviolis, gnocchi, tiramisu! Everything your heart and stomach desire while in the beautiful country of Italia. 

Via del Pellegrino, 11/12 00186 Roma RM, Italy – Open Everyday 12H-1H


Started by husband & wife Scott Tecinelli and Angie Rito they bring you a modern Italian-American restaurant in the West Village of NYC. They make their own creative take on antipasto salads, braille, lasagnas and chicken scarperiello. They even created a stuffed garlic flatbread! Who could resist. They have been written about in the NY times and continue to gain popularity through Instagram. 

New York City – 103 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY

Open 15H-23H Sunday-Monday, Open until 24H Thursday, Friday & Saturday


Ultimate food porn of all kinds of mozzarella dishes. They offer a wide array of plates to engulf your taste buds. They also offer delicious breadsticks, sashimi stracciatella and Piadina. A special dish originally created in Rome. 

63 rue Mercière, Lyon | 3 rue Bachaumont, Paris 

All found on @Paulette_map! Check out the Instagram for more delectable foodie options. 

Article by Katie Chaplin

Let’s be real here: Who is not a Ryan Gosling fan? Who does not want to lick Ryan Gosling? You don’t have to answer that but in case your answer is yes… You can now buy an Easter egg that is perfectly constructed to resemble him. Another benefit is that, it’s vegan!

A chocolatician managed to create a baby goose with Goslings beautiful face and added the cutest webbed feet to him. Each chocolate egg costs around 45 euros. Considering that Ryan Gosling is cute every day of the year, you can buy it any time all year round. 

Each egg is individually handmade and takes a whole day to make a single one! 

Not only is there a Ryan Gosling egg but there also is a chocolate and white chocolate bunny of Benedict Cumberbatch. So there’s a easter chocolate for every kind of girls taste. 

The pastry chef and chocolatician who created these fancy and delectable treats try to make them look as realistic as possible. They also try to include the right combination of a popular character who also can be combined with a witty name to go with it. 

Article by Katie Chaplin

To all the foodies out there who are fans of avocado toasts, poached eggs, naans and any other kind of dish made with love, this is the book for you! 

Cathy Closier opened Season Paris in 2015. The craze and popularity of the café was immediate. Cathy’s goal was to concoct creative and tasty recipes using only fresh and seasonal ingredients, which meant that the food menu would change every three months to offer a healthy cuisine with oriental influences. 

Brunch at Season Paris

Season is filled with recipes put together by Cathy Closier, a lively Parisienne with strong New York flair. It’s not just a recipe book though, it’s also an opportunity to travel and to discover the many journeys and adventures that inspired Cathy’s tasty cuisine. The recipes are a mix of all kinds of cultures and influences from falafels and burritos to smoothies and pancakes. Everything you need to satisfy your culinary desires you’ll find in there. 

Cathy knew how to believe in her dreams and turn them into a reality. Now, she invites us to do the same. Turning the pages of her book is a journey through the dreams she made come true. This book not only allows you to revel in original home-cooked dishes but also serves as an inspiration on how to accomplish your goals.

To celebrate the launch of this recipe book , Paulette is giving all you foodies out there the opportunity to win a free copy and a brunch for two at Season Paris. So, if the prospect makes your taste buds happy, try your luck: go to Paulette’s Instagram account and follow the rules of the contest for a chance to win big! Good Luck! 

Article by Katie Chaplin

Being in a French country you would think that tasty Mexican food would be hard to find. Fortunately, in Paris there are many amazing options! Whether you are visiting Paris and you just can’t eat one more croque monsieur  or if you are native and want to try something new these restaurants are the places you want to try. Let’s get spicy! 



Not only can you score some authentic street tacos here but there is also a bar. You can try their margaritas of course, or you can get really adventurous and try one of their cocktails featuring places such as Peru, Argentina, Cuba and Mexico. Don’t miss their Taco Tuesday! 2€ tacos!

Photo by Candelaria

52 Rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris

El Nopal


El Nopal has a bit of everything with very friendly staff and an excellent taste. You can pick up a burrito and enjoy a nice walk down the Canal St. Martin. If you rather have a seat and take in the ambiance of a Mexican restaurant than you can go to their location in Pigalle. 

Photo by El Nopal

PIGALLE, 5 Rue Duperré, 75009

Photo by El Nopal

*Take Away Only*  

CANAL ST.MARTIN, 3 Rue Eugene Varlin, 75010 Paris

El Guacamole


Here, the margaritas are so good and they are everything else that they have. The place is small but the burritos are big! Of course, you also have their chips and guacamole, thus their name, El Guacamole.

37, rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris

Tito’s Burritos 

Tito’s is a little bit more off the beaten path but it is not too far from Sacré Cœur. If you are looking for something authentic and delicious! They also have homemade special sauces to add to your tacos or burrito. Be careful with their hot sauce, when they say it’s spicy, they actually mean your mouth will be on fire! It’s still worth it though! 

26 rue Custine , 75018 Paris

Boca Mexa 


Now, this one you can’t miss because they are seriously four locations! It is kind of similar to a Chipotle kind of vibe but even better! They actually have a frozen margarita which is essential to your fuego meal. 

127 Rue Mouffetard,75005

95 Rue Oberkampf, 75011

84 Rue FBG St Denis, 75010

81 Rue Réaumur, 75002

All of these restaurants cater to vegetarians and vegans!

Article by Katie Chaplin

Often considered as a bad aliment when compared to green vegetables, despite its low glycemic index, potatoes are a fundamental food item if you want to stay in good health. 

According to a nutritionist, to suppress potatoes from your diet is a wrong idea although it doesn’t have a tremendous reputation since a thousand years because of popular culture. Indeed, before the twentieth century, potatoes were one of the main meals of deprived people, and today, the main component of fast-food restaurants. The result is a biased vision of a food item extremely important for a healthy diet, and not only a piece of junk food that we always crave for. 

Credits: @letscookvegan.

There are lots of benefits in spuds. First, it is seldom forgotten that it is a vegetable, and, since we live in an era in which it is very difficult not to eat transformed and industrial food items, this option is interesting in many ways to nourish ourselves more healthily. Another important fact: potatoes are rich in Vitamin C. And last but not least, puds is something on which everyone agrees, including vegans and people with gluten intolerance. Good reasons to think that tonight it’s going to be full of potatoes. 

Article by Yasmine Lahrichi 

From ugly food to Israeli cuisine, dig in to our favorite food trends for 2019.

2018 has come and gone. 2019 is fully upon us with new inspirations, points of reference, a new vibe, and more specifically new trends, often galvanized through social media. Fortunately for our planet, food trends don’t operate in a vacuum. The way we consume is now heavily tied to greater challenges such as global warming and environmental concerns. People tend to pay greater attention to what and how they cook, which explains the growing popularity of seasonal fruits and vegetables, recipes passed down through generations, and delicious home-cooked meals prepared with love and attention.

Let’s spill the beans on 5 food trends that make our mouths water as we write.

1.     Delicacies from Israel

Shakshuka has been a staple on many Parisian restaurants menus for the past few years. So, don’t be surprised to see more food and delicacies directly inspired from the land of milk and honey pop up in your plates very soon. Embrace the flavor escapade!

2.     Healthy desserts

Açaí bowls are a sure Instagram gold, but the same amount of likes can be achieved with a beautifully presented seasonal fruit bowl. Add in low-sugar yogurt for texture, and you get a very healthy snack full of complementary flavors.

3.     Chickpea pasta

Chickpeas make delicious pasta! Who knew? More protein, more fiber, and less sugar is the winning combination you’ll get from chickpeas, and—wait for it—they are gluten-free!

4.     Homemade jam

Does apricot jam remind you of warm summers spent at Granny’s house in Provence? Why not bring Provence to your urban life all year round, by making and storing your own homemade jam in beautiful glass jars on your kitchen shelf.

5.     Ugly produce

Refuse to pass over weirdly shaped vegetables and imperfect looking fruits at the produce aisle. Why? Funny, you ask. Because their weird shape means they most likely weren’t treated with chemicals, they taste great, and they are the next food trend revolution! One eco-friendly choice at a time…

Article by Pauline Machado

Translated by PK Douglas