As we are celebrating not only love but self-love at Paulette, let’s talk about the greatest love of all: the love we should have for ourselves.

The month of February traditionally revolves around two things: being cold AF (well, maybe not this Winter because… global warming) and Valentine’s Day. Every year, this celebration of love brings together lovers and romantic souls who believe that red roses are the ultimate symbol of eternal passion. How cute. But, on V-Day, two opposite teams collide: the traditionalists and the cynics. Adepts of the candlelight dinner date/box of chocolate/extravagant jewelry combo vs adepts of the liquor-fuelled Gal-entine outings. In the middle resides the happy few, who don’t really care.

It’s true that when you are not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day – therefore not feeling validated by society, February 14th can leave a bad taste in your mouth. “I have no one to love, so why should I celebrate love?”, you might say to yourself, all bundled up in your bobbling Ikea blanket. The perspective of this cheesy holiday triggers mixed emotions and feelings. We get it. However, there actually is someone worth putting our bitterness aside for. Someone who clearly deserves love and attention: oneself.

Know Thyself

Have you ever watched Deux Moi, by Cédric Klapisch, or How To Be Single, with Dakota Johnson and Rebel Wilson. Two polar opposite movies, granted. The former is as subtle and emotional as the real-life hardships we may experience, making the story easily relatable. The latter is a typical feel-good American comedy, funny but over-the-top, and filled with inaccuracies (a junior paralegal could never afford a two-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg, but I digress). However, in their own way, these two films tackle the same topic: how important it is to know and love yourself, before you meet someone special to love.

It is important to learn how to be by yourself and appreciate to be by yourself, instead of considering celibacy as a painful transition period between two romantic relationships. “By learning to be alone, you learn how to not be alone”, says the fortune in HTBS. Well, let’s be honest, when you get dumped overnight by the guy you were living with for the past 3 years – or the past three months even – you don’t choose your fate. It is a heart-breaking situation and you feel like you will never be able to recover from it. You might even, understandably so, want to throw your poke bowl in the face of whoever chimes in with a cliché inspirational quote that they’ve read in a questionable self-help book, “Love yourself, blah blah”.

Having gone through similar heartbreaks once or twice (or ten times) over myself, I can assure you that after a while, the heavy pit in your stomach and the deep hole in your heart fade away little by little every morning, until they disappear for good. Waking up becomes easier than the day before. The memories feel less painful. The wise words from the fortune cookie make more sense. The time has come to focus on you, yourself, and thy.

Is loving yourself the first step to a happier YOU?

Tiny side note: being single does not necessarily mean that you have a broken heart, and that you shed a tear at the very sight of two people holding hands in the street. That’s not what I mean. Similarly, being in a relationship does not exempt you from having a loving relationship with yourself first. As Samantha says in Sex & The City the movie (a train wreck that we love to hate, or hate to love): “I love you, but I love me more”. We’ve never found a more praise-worthy self-love guru than Samantha Jones, period.

Besides, we mainly associate the concept of love with romantic relationships. But in fact, love means so much more. It also means making sure that you build enough confidence in yourself to garner respect and appreciation from others, ask for what you deserve unapologetically, pick yourself up after a failure, nurture your creativity, take on a daring project with the conviction that you are strong “enough” to carry it out. You’ll increase your self-confidence tenfold thanks to all these little (and big) personal victories. A virtuous circle that applies to all areas of your life – not to be confused with being self-centered of course. It’ll change your day-to-day life for the better.

Let’s be honest, self-esteem and everything that goes with it are unfortunately not easy to master. As great as having a high opinion of yourself is, few of us can say that we love ourselves fully. Bad habits die hard, and we tend to spend more time focusing on what we dislike about ourselves rather than cherishing what make us happy to be us and not somebody else. While that’s exactly what we should be doing: focusing on us.

How do we make a change, you ask? Let’s start by having a more forgiving and compassionate attitude towards ourselves, physically and mentally. Heal our wounds, and take the time to resolve what still hurts by bravely opening up. Make a list of what we are proud of and what we have successfully accomplished rather than keep pondering on where we came short. Treat ourselves, body and soul. Identify our shortcomings, take responsibility for them and work gently to curve them. Above all, do not feel guilty when you are not quite happy with every single part of you yet.

Be gentle with yourself, always.

This year, for Valentine’s Day, we celebrate ourselves before celebrating being in a romantic relationship. Because if being in a romantic relationship does not define us, the love that we have for ourselves undeniably does. I love myself, therefore I am, without a doubt.

Article by Pauline Machado

English translation by PK Douglas

At Paulette we like atypical profiles. These women who stop at nothing to fulfill their dreams and make prejudice lie. Today, we present to you Reem Al Aboud, a Saudi pilot. First and youngest girl in Saudi Arabia, she would like to become a Dakar driver next year.

Reem Al Aboud, during Dakar 2020’s
©A.S.O./Horacio Cabilla

When did you want to become a pilot ? How your passion came ? 

My father always inspired me not only as a person but as a racer as well, he used to be a drag racer for a period of time and out of 6 kids surprisingly, I used to be the only one interested in joining him and observing to learn more about motorsports! So i always knew i wanted to initiate,participate and hopefully excel in this specific field, since i was a little girl ..

What is your state of mind when you’re behind a wheel ? What are your feelings ? 

The only place that takes me away from reality and is my sweet escape is when i’m behind the wheel, the fact that i have to be confident and a 100% focused from the minute i get behind the wheel until i cross the finish line really amazes me itself because at that specific time is when you begin to understand yourself more and try to overcome and terminate your limitations not only on track but off track as well! I have also realized that motorsports in general, does not only aim to make you a good driver but an inspiring human being! 

Reem Al Aboud
©A.S.O./Horacio Cabilla

Saudi allowed women to drive only 2 years ago. How did you picture your futur before that, as a woman and a pilot in your country ? 

Yes, women were not allowed to drive, but that never stopped me from watching local & international races in order to learn more and enhance my knowledge in motorsports, i always knew that eventually women in Saudi will drive one day so i never gave up hoping to become a racer.

How did you lived this prohibition ? Was it a brake on your passion or your dream to become a pilot ? 

No it was not a break on my passion, it actually encouraged me to push myself and go karting to improve my skills until i get the chance to officially participate in professional race tracks with sport cars! 

Do you think the society need more profil like yours to make a difference ? 

Yes i do actually, especially here in Saudi there are many passionate drivers that wish to initiate in motorsports but never get the chance to. Instead of driving their hearts out in the streets and putting themselves and others at risk and danger, they should be able to do it the safe way on tracks that are certified, So yes.. I believe that this will make a difference in saving lives !

Automobile Circle is largely male-dominated. Whats your feeling about it ? Have you already suffer of discriminatory behaviour ? 

Many women around the world proved that motorsports is not only made for males to excel in and to be completely honest, in our generation, there’s no such thing as a male dominant sport ! Women are remarkably proving themselves and excelling in various fields ! And I’m hopefully joining this path. 

Reem Al Aboud au milieu, accompagnée de l’équipe 100% féminine du Dakar 2020 Annett Fischer (à gauche) et Camélia Liparoti (à droite).
© A.S.O./Horacio Cabilla

What does it mean for you to perhaps participate to the Dakar Race ? 

Being able to initiate in Dakar 2020 in my lovely country was such an incredible experience! I have lived in Saudi for 20 years now and i have never seen such a beautiful landscape! There is obviously a huge difference when it comes to race tracks, thanks to the A.S.O and Isabelle Patissier who has 11 years of experience in Dakar alongside her companion, i have learned a lot and enjoyed the experience as well! Looking forward to greater opportunities together.

Are you aware that you can become a model for girls and women in your country ?

Yes i am and this would be an honor for me to represent myself as a Saudi racer to let all other females in Saudi and from around the world to know that women are capable of achieving! It all goes back to wether they are willing to put all their effort into accomplishing their dreams and passion or not. Other than that all opportunities are open for the Saudi women in our kingdom.

Interview by Charline Bouzon

Granted we sometimes like to watch YouTubers talk about their outfits of the week, or their new thrift finds. However, we sometimes long to connect with the person talking on the screen on a more intimate level, and that is why we greatly appreciate people who are able to share the less glamorous aspects of their life. Whether it be adulting, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationships, we all struggle with similar things on our walk of life. There is something special, and particularly brave about someone uploading a video online on one of these topics and being vulnerable. Who are the YouTubers who talk about more than fashion?

Amy Lee

Amy Lee is a YouTuber whose channel is explicitly dedicated to talking about more than just fashion and beauty. For instance, she dedicates her “A.M with Amy” videos to discussing a topic in depth, such as how to pursue your passions/dreams, rejection, feeling grateful… She always has an earnest and personal approach to the subject at hand. Her honest view on things is often uplifting, since there is something reassuring about seeing we are not alone in our doubts and fears.

Arden Rose

Arden Rose has been on the internet for a long time, and seeing her evolution is quite interesting. From fashion hauls, she has become a defender of sustainable clothes and habits to help the environment. She has also started talking about more varied subjects, such as positive and safe sex, how to start working out and liking it, or questions related to birth control. Her sharp sense of humor and slight awkwardness make her a touching individual whose videos we can’t wait to watch: no matter the theme we know we’ll have a good time.

Hitomi Mochizuki

Finally, Hitomi is one of the most inspiring YouTubers. Hitomi has always done videos about the struggles and joys of life, and her videos lately are about the beauty of our existence, how to embrace it and manage to slowly overcome trauma, depression and anxiety. She addresses all of these things, and many more: talking about why she loves being sober, what is conscious love, or her take on spirituality. If you crave more content from Hitomi, she also has an application where she talks about similar topics in depth, along with yoga and meditation videos. We recommend checking it out here:

Article by Inès Huet

On vous rencontrait à New York il y a un mois pour débuter les festivités, nous voilà de retour pour une semaine d’activations parisiennes ! C’est au coeur de la capitale frenchie que l’aventure Paulette a commencé, il y a maintenant dix ans. Et du lundi 7 au dimanche 13 octobre, la team Paulette vous attend pour souffler ses bougies -le tout en intervenant pour la bonne cause avec l’association À coeur.

Découvrez notre programme engagé et engageant !

On ne va pas le nier, on a très envie de marquer le coup. Voilà dix années que Paulette est né, un projet utopique au départ qui a fini par se faire une jolie place au sein de la presse féminine française et désormais internationale. Il en aura fallu du boulot, de la persévérance et des petites mains de Paulette pour monter ces dix années de projets, d’événements, d’articles sur le site puis le magazine, de shootings et de rencontres avec notre communauté. Sauf qu’aujourd’hui, Paulette célèbre ses deux chiffres. Un cap qui se doit d’être célébré, et qu’on a choisi d’organiser dans plusieurs villes où nos lectrices pourraient ainsi nous rejoindre et trinquer en notre compagnie. Après New York et l’appartement Paulette, nous sommes de retour dans notre Paris chéri ! Et nous avons choisi ce mois d’octobre, engagé dans la lutte contre le cancer du sein, pour mener notre PINK WEEK en partenariat avec notre association À Coeur. L’idée ? Organiser des évènements cools, engagés, qui marquent le coup et collectent de l’argent pour des organismes de charité.

La PINK WEEK, c’est quoi ?

Une semaine anniversaire et engagée, durant laquelle notre équipe va organiser une série d’événements pour défendre les valeurs Paulette. Des réunions, talks, soirées et shooting photos pour promouvoir le self-love, l’entreprenariat mais aussi sensibiliser notre communauté à des combats d’actualité. Le tout, avec une super dynamique et des partenaires que vous allez adorer. Les inscriptions se font en ligne, sur le même modèle que notre appartement new-yorkais et les fonds récoltés via ces ateliers sont reversés à des associations essentiellement féminines. Encore une fois : les places sont limitées !

Illustration by @saraandreasson


Lundi 7 octobre 2019

De 12 à 14H au Terras Hôtel – en soutien à l’association Joséphine – 30 places seulement

Qu’il s’agisse de décrocher un entretien, obtenir un budget en interne dans sa boîte ou lever des fonds : dans 80-90 % des cas, les décisions sont prises par ce que dégage “l’autre”. Hors, souvent, on ne maîtrise pas forcément nos ressentis, on s’avère impulsif et c’est ce qui peut nous nuire. Comment gérer ses émotions ? Comment séduire en restant soi-même et mieux transformer ? C’est ce que vous allez apprendre lors de cet atelier de 2H animé par Laura Brown, fondatrice de Phoenix Brain Rising et qui accompagne des artistes et entrepreneurs dans la création depuis 6 ans. 100% investie dans le rapport à l’humain, elle partagera avec vous des clefs de développement personnel à mettre au service de vos projets créatifs, entrepreneuriaux / intrapreneuriaux et professionnels ; 20 euros.

 Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 15H à 17H30 à Paris intramuros (adresse à venir) – en soutien à l’association Excision Parlons en !
Un atelier arty avec la création de vulves en origami et collages pas comme les autres, 15 euros.

 Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 19H à 22H au Terrass Hôtel – en soutien à l’association Rose Up.
Un apéro féministe en petit comité et entre les murs du Terrass Hôtel pour découvrir une autre facette du Trivial Pursuit, 10 euros.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

Mardi 8 octobre 2019

De 8H à 9H – en soutien à l’association l’association des Nanas
Une session yoga avec la sportive et très suivie Alexandra pour se détendre avant d’attaquer la journée, 15 euros.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 14H à 18H au Terrass Hôtel
Personnalités, nanas du collectif mais aussi des lectrices Paulette et membres de la communauté Nanasdpaname sont invitées à poser et à témoigner sur le sujet, sur DM Instagram via leur compte Instagram – n’hésitez pas à les contacter !

De 19H à minuit au Sacré
Un talk portant sur la lutte contre le cancer du sein, suivi d’un atelier pink makeup et d’un dj set avec Tysha cee. Ah, et un chouette tournage aura lieu dans l’espace au même moment : l’émission Les condés de la mode. Entrée gratuite au Sacré – 142 rue Montmartre, Paris 75002.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

Mercredi 9 octobre 2019

De 12H30 à 13H30 à Paris intramuros (adresse à venir) – en soutien à l’association ODYSSEA.
Un talk sur l’émergence de la scène créative musulmane dans l’industrie de la mode, 10 euros.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 16 à 17H au CLUB PARIS ALESIA (14ème)
Un goûter avec nos petites recrues du club de football féminin Paris Alesia que l’on sponsorise depuis la rentrée 2019.
En partenariat avec les bonbons Not Guilty

De 18H30 à 21H au Hoxton Paris (rue du sentier, 75002 Paris) – en partenariat avec l’association À Coeur.
Un talk sur l’entreprenariat et la confiance en soi pour débuter et croire en son projet professionnel avec Cathy Closier – fondatrice du Season Paris – et Inès Leonarduzzi – CEO de Digital For The Planet. Ah et généralement, on prend un petit apéro ensuite, 15 euros.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

Jeudi 10 octobre 2019

De 8H à 9H à l’espace Comet (8 Rue Torricelli, 75017 Paris) – en soutien à l’association des Nanas
Venez vous initier et vous inspirer des good mood classes de Sophie Trem, à la tête de The Other Art Of Living. Promis, vous en sortirez plus happy et motivée que jamais, 20 euros l’entrée.

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De 12H30 à 13H30 à Paris intramuros (adresse à venir) – en soutien à l’association Féminisme Populaire.
Un talk sur le plaisir féminin animé par Julia Pietri du @Gangduclito & Ouarda Sadoudi de @Féminisme Populaire. Sont invitées à rejoindre le talk : les organisations HOME (spécialisée dans l’hébergement et l’accompagnement des femmes victimes de violences) et le FIT (Foyer international des travailleuses). Deux stands, une librairie féministe, seront installés dans l’espace pour bouquiner ! 10 euros l’entrée.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

Soirée au pop-up Absolution (12 rue du Pont-aux-choux, Paris 75003)
On célèbre la collab’ entre Paulette et Absolution pour les 10 ans dans leur chouette pop-up store situé dans le Marais. Venez découvrir notre produit capsule et souffler nos bougies “en toute beauté” ! Sur invitation seulement.

Vendredi 11 octobre 2019

De 8H à 9H chez Season Paris – en partenariat avec l’association À Coeur.
Une session sportive avec notre sister Season et le coach Maximethe1 – notre chouchou. Ensuite, parce que c’est bien mérité, on enchaîne avec un atelier Pink Bowl pour un petit-déjeuner fruité. 10 euros l’entrée.

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De 18 à 20H à Paris intramuros (adresse à venir) – en soutien à l’association Jeune et Rose
Un talk sur la confiance en soi pendant une rémission de cancer du sein puis un atelier DIY pour créer ses propres turbans ! 15 euros l’entrée.

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On se donne rendez-vous au Rouge, club parisien renommé le Rose pour l’occasion, dès 23 heures pour un open bar sur invitation seulement puis un dancefloor 100% Paulette vibes pour tout le monde !
De 23 à 6H au Rouge Pigalle, 77 rue jean baptiste Pigalle, 75009 PARIS

Samedi 12 octobre 2019

Dès 11h chez Maison Nomade au 140 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris – en soutien à l’association Belle et Bien.
Un bootcamp – plus particulièrement un cours de danse cardio – avec les girls de @wearebadasssquad et notre équipe pour bien commencer le weekend chez Maison Nomade; 20 euros l’entrée.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 13H à 14H30 chez Dynamo Cycling au 21 rue des trois bornes, 75011 Paris – en soutien à l’institut Gustave Roussy.
Session dynamo entre girls et pause lunch avec la super coach Clotilde Chaumet au club Dynamo de Parmentier ; 27 euros l’entrée (15 euros le cours d’essai) dont l’intégralité des fonds sont reversés à l’institut Gustave Roussy.

> Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 16H30 à 18H30 chez Maison Nomade au 140 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin, 75010 Paris – en soutien à l’association Une Rose Une Caresse.
Un goûte, un podcast live avec Irène Olczak et Marion de Healthy Living puis un talk sur le cancer charity business pour en apprendre davantage sur cette industrie qui veut du bien avec notamment Cécile Pasquinelli – à la tête de Garance ; 20 euros l’entrée.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

Dimanche 13 octobre 2019

De 10H30 à 12H – Paris intramuros (adresse à venir) – en soutien à l’association l’association Enfants du Désert.
Un shooting bodypositive organisé par la direction artistique Paulette pour célébrer le self-love à Paris ; 10 euros l’entrée.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 15H à 19H – Paris intramuros – en soutien à l’association Meufs Meufs Meufs
Un talk, durant lequel tout le monde est invité à prendre la parole, afin de réfléchir avec nos intervenantes aux inspirations féminines qui font d’elles ce qu’elles sont aujourd’hui. Aujourd’hui influentes sur leurs plateformes, comment se perçoivent-elles en tant que rôle modèles pour leurs communautés et quels messages souhaitent-elles véhiculer auprès de la jeune et future génération ? Une discussion animée par l’agence Monica Velours,le collectif Les Internettes et Irène Olczak, fondatrice de Paulette ; 10 euros l’entrée.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

De 17H30 à 19H au Terrass Hôtel – en soutien à l’association Lire pour s’en sortir.
Un talk girlpower ayant pour thème “Comment parle-t-on des femmes en 2019?” animé par Irène Olczak et Siham Jibril – fondatrice de Génération XX.

Par ici pour s’inscrire

Our new issue, ENSEMBLE (TOGETHER), is out today! A magazine that we are very proud to have developed hand in hand with Opal Tometi, the co-founder of the #blacklivesmatter movement. Together, we wanted to talk about activism, political and social commitment, but also community, sharing and solidarity. We wanted to show that together, we can make a difference, we can change the world.

We though about the concept of intersectionality, we talked about anti-white racism – which does not exist – with Rokhaya Diallo, about police brutality with Assa Traoré and about activism with Irene ; we shed a light on the suburbs of Marvin Bonheur and the Déterminés; we deconstructed prejudices about the homeless with Agy, founder of La Rue Tourne and we raised the issue of lack of representation in the workplace for young girls with Rêv’Elles.

For this occasion, Opal wrote a powerful editorial, which sums up the urgent need to work together to build a better world – and therefore to publish this issue.

May her words inspire you and encourage you to get involved as well, if you haven’t already!

“Dearest reader,

If you’re like me then, then you likely feel like every month we are faced with a new existential or societal challenge. From migration to misogyny – there is no shortage of issues to be concerned with, but at the heart of it all, is the real impact these ideas have on real people. The fact is –  our lives are not theoretical. 

And so I know you understand me when I say I was shocked that while visiting Paris, a couple of months ago, that I saw the United States’ leading racist political strategist, Steven Bannon on French TV spewing his narrow minded ideology. And as if things couldn’t get more disturbing, on my flight back to New York, former NY Mayor Giuliani – one of the most notoriously hateful; politicians and another Fox News pundit were both on board my flight. Evidently, they had all been in town rallying support for neoconservative candidates ahead of the European  elections. Their aim is clear – to help elect more right wing candidates around the globe in an effort to consolidate power around their ideas of scarcity and the superiority of certain races, religions and genders. 

The reality is Bannon did not invite himself. There is a mass effort across France to roll back the hands of progress. And you know this well – you’ve seen the rise in islamophobia, racism and xenophobia. You’ve seen the attacks on women and you likely know that the contradictions round symbolic representation exist. Think about it – Marie Le Pen was almost elected president. And so while people often point and wonder what’s happening in the US, I can’t help but wonder what’s happening in France? And I wonder why the right wing is being driven by young people. It’s incorrect to think that just because people are young that they’ll be open minded or work for a more inclusive and just world. And while we see that there is opposition to a dignified world, I’ve also seen people coming together and forming a beautiful resistance. We see the inspiring work that’s being done to protect and advance humanity. And that’s why I was honored to partner with Irene and the Paulette team to curate some examples of work that give me hope. 

You’ll find that there a number of topics shared in these pages, and I hope they move and inspire you deeply. The world needs us to remain open, learn and act. 

I hope you’ll join us on this journey. Together, we can create the type of world we deserve. 

Onward with courage, 

x Opal Tometi, Cofounder of #blacklivesmatter, special guest of this issue”

A one-way Paris-New York ticket for less than 200€ ? Yes it’s true ! Go discover the Big Apple or the City of Love from 129 € TTC with the low-cost company French bee.

New York inspired Téléphone, Frank Sinatra and Alicia Keys and Jay-Z. Paris is the city of love and fashion. Both are at the core of many fantasies and now easy to reach at a very affordable price. From June 2020, the one way ticket from Paris Orly to Newark Liberty International (30 minutes from Manhattan) is from 129 € via the low-cost compant French Bee. A price that’s making us channel our inner Rachel Green and scream « nooooo! »

Source : Tenor

You can now book tickets on the company’s website for trips from June 10, 2020. Next summer, let’s go to Paris for a really small budget?

For every kind of price

There are three price points for the Paris-Newark flight. The first one, from 129 €, is with a 12-kilo carry-on. For a 23-kilo luggage and a meal, the price is upped to 189 € and for the Premium seat in a 37-seat zone, two 23-kilo bags, a meal and a snack, it’s from 429 €. You can then add options on any ticket, such as more space, special meals, extra bags…

Jonathan Riley on Unsplash

It’s the second Paris-US flight for the French bee company. Since 2018, it offers a flight from Paris to San Francisco. The other destinations available from Paris are The Reunion and Tahiti.

The daily New York-Paris flight leaves Orly at 2pm and Newark at 6:15pm. You’ll board the latest A350 Airbus. The golden opportunity to visit Carrie Bradshaw’s glamorous city or – if you’re from the United States – see the Eiffel Tower.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

Have you ever dreamed of being the Lord of a beautiful English estate? If so, was it the one from the Downton Abbey TV show? If you’ve answered yes a second time, your happiness is within reach.

British TV show Downton Abbey has been responsible for a lot of daydreaming during its run. Reconstructing the end of an area and the start of modern times, Downton Abbey starts in 1912. At the death of the male heir, the Crawley family is anxious of their future on the family estate. From then on (and the arrival of the new heir), it’s love, money and war troubles in the British aristocracy – and their employees – of the 20th century. At the core of all storylines stands the majestic Crawley family estate.

Downton Abbey, which gave its name to the TV show, is actually Highclere castle. And to celebrate the theater release of the Downton Abbey movie, the owners are offering an exclusive experience on Airbnb. On Tuesday, November 26, 2019, they are opening the doors of their home (in the family since 1679) and welcoming two guests to stay in one of the main bedrooms for one night only. Just like the royal family in the movie, you will be distinguished guests in Downton Abbey.

A very chic evening

You will be the guests of the the Earl and Countess Carnarvon for an evening of cocktails in the Saloon. The diner will then be served by Highclere Castle’s butler in the State Dining Room in which many Downton Abbey scenes were filmed. Maggie Smith’s famous Dowager repartees migh be missed but the luxury will definitely be there. Cocktail dress is de rigueur which will give you the opportunity to dress like Lady Mary. Coffee will then be served in the Library for a full Downton Abbey evening experience.

The next day, breakfast and a private tour will await you. The property has 300 rooms on 100,000 square feet. All the rooms are a testimony to the castle’s history and some will allow you to reenact scenes from the series. You can imagine running into Lary Mary and Matthew or Lord and Lady Grantham at your convenience.

Well aware of their role to delight fans, the owners have added with humor that “strictly butler per person” is allowed and that “gossip is restricted to townstairs quarters only.” Pets are not allowed but 9 dogs are on the grounds of the castle.

The experience will be available to reservation on Airbnb on October 1, 2019 at 12PM BST. The night will cost £150 all inclusive for up to two guests.

Article by Juliette Cardinale


We’ve managed to hold our tongue all summer long, and we can finally announce it: our pop-up Paulette apartment will open its doors in New York during the Fashion Week, from September 6 to 11, 2019! There will be activities, talks, meetings and shared ideas that are 100% Paulette vibes in order to delight our guests. #PauletteAndTheCity, the program and everything you need to know about this apartment, where we celebrate our 10th birthday.

Let’s celebrate! 

Paulette is 10 years old. You are certainly raising your eyebrows, thinking to yourself “oh yeah, already”. Our media, our community, our events and our gatherings created in order to always inspire you more now has two digits. And if the team is ready to blow out their candles, it wasn’t always a piece of cake. High highs, low lows, victories and challenges… It took a lot for our Paulette to remain independent and continue to make her wildest dreams come true. That’s why Irène Olczak, founder of maison Paulette, took us to New York last February to start the festivities for the launch of our English website. A city that is not insignificant for the magazine, since it has many subscribers and readers, but also because of its cultural richness. There, the American dream, perhaps just a term for some, is overwhelmed by street art, culinary diversity and the countless exhibitions that hide in the streets of Brooklyn. We come home with a head full of ideas, techno, art, fashion or even society! After the success of our first event, and the launch of our English website thanks to volunteers from all over the world, we are once again settling down in the Lower East Side in Manhattan for a week of fashion week featuring Paulette workshops and micro-events. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t be with us, the French celebration is coming soon! #staytune

What’s the concept?

The Paulette Apartment will be open from September 6 to 11, by invitation only. Every day, new activities will be carried out with our partner brands but also with collectives, young talents and personalities that we have chosen to support in order to give them a better visibility. Our events are organized during the New York Fashion Week, most of them have been thought of with an activist dimension. Paulette is 10 years old, the year of caring and the perfect time to support and address causes that are dear to us – while never forgetting to have fun.

Where is it?

The Paulette team hides in the Lower East Side, Manhattan in New York. The apartment is spacious, bright and ready to welcome you for a talk, a sports session or a delicious snack with Season Paris. 123 BOWERY –  5th floor without elevator, the sport of your day!

How does it work?

You can go through the program of our activities below. Each event has a limited number of places – so first come, first served. A link is specified for each activity, and redirects you to a registration form that we ask you to complete in order to participate. If you are selected, you will receive a confimation email with the event details, address and meeting time. Everything is free, which is why we ask you to fill out the form only if you are sure you can attend. Namaste.



2:30 pm Kids Friendly Painting Class with@jaouad.bentama

He left France to go live the American Dream. He is full of energy and ideal to create his childhood-inspired works. Meet Jaouad to share emotions during a unique moment of creation around collaborative canvases. RSVP HERE >

9:30 pm to 3 am PAULETTE PINK PARTY at @ShortStoriesBowery

From 9:30 pm until the end of the night, the Paulette team is planning to shimmy on the dance floor of this new super cool bar. There, everything is pink and we’re hoping you’ll play along our Paulette pink dresscode. Our DJ @auriellesayeh is putting together a playlist for our 10th birthday and the cocktals are delicious. RSVP HERE >


9:30 am Face Yoga with Absolution

The beauty brand, one of Paulette’s favorites, is part of #PauletteAndtheCity. It will present its must-have, along with a facial yoga session to start the weekend in complete serenity. By invitation only.

3 pm Decoration workshop, via painting on pots

Come and take a creative break to spruce up your decor. Small vases and clay pots will be ready to be decorated with paint according to your inspiration!  RSVP HERE >

9:30pm to 11:30pm Spiritual night with @esoparis

Join us for a magical evening and discover some aspects of spiritual beliefs. A French-speaking psychic will exchange with you about the development of intuition and to hold personalized micro-sessions.  RSVP HERE >


9:30 am Special “self-confidence” participatory photo shoot with the @allwomxnproject

Join us for a collective shooting unlike any other! With the entrepreneur and plus size model @bonjourclem, founder of the @allwomxnproject movement, come dare to pose in lingeris with us, maybe for the first time in your life, for peotic group shots under the kind gaze of our photographer. The session will be followed by a talk on self-confidence, still in lingerie, an exchange full of self-love and acceptance.  RSVP HERE >

4 pm Sports and smoothie classes with @Seasonparis and @maximethe1

We meet for a training session between girls followed by a workshop to learn how to make smoothies with Season Paris. Ready? RSVP HERE >


9 am Gong meditation and beauty workshop with the brand 27 Rosiers

Discover the brand with an in and out wellness talk followed by a gong meditation session, a still unknown discipline that we’re looking forward to share with you. All this while enjoying the delicious Dr Smood juices to start the week off right. By invitation only.

1 pm Pilates Flow with @maximethe1

Want to relax before having a drink and in between two fashion shows, ladies? The advantage: stretching gently! RSVP HERE >

6:30 pm Self-confidence talk

Come discuss self-confidence and the best way to achieve it with ou speakers @bonjourclem, @auriellesayeh and @annyasantana.  A workshop led by Irène Olczak and partnering with Glossier ! RSVP HERE >


9 am Hip-hop yoga session with NIKE

We groove and discover the brand’s new products, including a really cool bra, during a Hip-Hop yoga class! By invitation only.

6:30 pm Paulette x Breaking Through The Runway in partnership with @THE.NRGY

We’re getting real about what it’s really like to work in fashion. Join us as we chat with @j_khol, assistant to fashion’s highest authority, Anna Wintour and @jodtaylor, editor at the coveted platform giving us sneak peeks into celebrities’ closets since 2011, Coveteur. Hosted by  Irène Olczak and in partnership with Glossier! RSVP HERE >

We’re looking forward to spend #PauletteAndTheCity with you!
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From a young age, we are made to believe that being alone is something bad and to be avoided at all costs. In school, kids who spend time alone are often considered ‘losers’ or just plain weird. Growing up, we tend to look with pity at those sitting alone at the restaurant or going to the movies unaccompanied. Somehow, we equate spending time alone with being isolated and miserable, but what if you could learn to embrace and even cherish the time you spend alone? Here are five good reasons to take yourself out on a date for a change !

  1. Practice self-love

Taking yourself out is a way of showing yourself you feel you are worthy of being spent time with. Avoiding spending time alone at all costs can often be a sign that you are scared to be only with yourself. Going to the movies, treating yourself to popcorn or twizzlers, and enjoying the show is a simple way to treat yourself and love the time you have with you. If at first you feel weird this is perfectly normal, it is also a sign that you are on your way to:

2. Gain self-confidence

Another reason we do not want to spend time alone is because we are afraid of sending the wrong message: that we are antisocial, have no friends, are single and sad, with no family to keep us company. This fear though comes from a deeper place: the fear of how people see us, and their judgment. By going to eat at a new address you have been dying to try or seeing the exhibition on that one topic you are passionate about, you will also learn to detach yourself from other people’s perception of you and boost your confidence.  

3. Take the time to recharge

You do not need to be an introvert to like being alone, possibly even in silence, and recharge your batteries. Most of us can all benefit from moments of peace and quiet after a long day at work in the busy city. It is so blissful and even healthy to be all alone after a whole day of talking to different people, and finally having no one to please but yourself. You can pamper yourself by getting into your favorite pajamas, doing a face mask, and watching a TV show or taking the time to relax by cooking a nice meal. Whatever tickles your fancy.

4. You will experience freedom

That’s right, when you are only with yourself, you set the rules and make all the decisions. You can go to whatever restaurant you please, whatever movie session you want, travel to that destination you have been dreaming of, and no one will be able to stop you. This is also the opportunity to find out more about the things that you like and get to know yourself better. Traveling solo for example can seem quite scary, but you will probably love the experience and learn so much from it. It is important to challenge yourself from time to time to keep gaining and discovering new things…

5. And you will want to do it again!

Chances are you will have such a great time once you get used to doing activities by yourself, that you will find yourself craving and cherishing these moments reserved only for yourself. Indeed, it is so precious to have time to be alone, to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and tune into ourselves, to channel inner peace, and put our thoughts in order, with no one to please but ourselves.

Article by Inès Huet

Summertime is here, as the heatwave in Europe aptly proves, and all we want to do is get in pool and enjoy the sunshine. But any pool party would be incomplete without fun floats and original water toys. Below, discover our colorful selection of accessories to bring along with you next time you decide to take a dip.

First things first, make sure you have a waterproof camera to capture all your holiday memories with your friends and family. We particularly recommend doing underwater photoshoots with this pink and tropical printed camera, that you can buy here.

Moving on to drinks, we found the perfect solution to bring your cocktail along with you in the swimming pool: cute floating cup holders in the shape of a flamingo or palm tree, so you can sip your drink in peace. Just be careful no one canon balls near you!

Challenge your friends to an awesome game of pingpong with this floating table. Playing on water will spice things up, guaranteeing a fun time with your adversary!

Crédit: Coment se ruiner?

If you want to take a nap in the sun, or float around lazily but with style look no further than this rosé bottle floater. This float is the perfect excuse to have some wine and declare it time to have an aperitif.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid, your dream can finally come true with this gorgeous rosé gold pool float by Target. Embrace your glimmering, scaled mermaid tail, and make all the other girls in the pool jealous.

Article by Inès Huet

Let’s talk about sex, baby! More specifically, let’s talk about the importance of sexual education. Students have sex-ed classes when they are in middle or high school: this is the opportunity for teenagers to learn about positive, safe sex, something they might not have access to otherwise. Indeed, some parents are very comfortable having ‘the talk’ while other families might not want to address the topic for various reasons (religious, awkwardness, refusal to see their child as potentially sexually active, etc…). The role school can play in our sexual education therefore becomes essential. Below are some of the things we wish we had learnt in sex-ed class, and that we want to keep encouraging schools to share.

Do not separate students during sex-ed

Not all schools have an open and inclusive discussion when it comes to sexuality. Certain schools in the US, for instance, teach sex-ed to girls and boys separately. In most cases when this happens, boys are encouraged to be sexually curious, while girls are often purposefully disgusted or made to fear sex. Separating them and not informing them the same way perpetuates the belief that male and female sexuality are inherently different. Male sexuality is portrayed as healthy and normal, and female sexuality as something shameful. To start off then, it is essential for all genders to have class together and to be taught the same things, like the fact that:

Female masturbation is perfectly normal

There is often a discrepancy between how male and female masturbation is perceived in society. The fact that boys masturbate is widely accepted, and boys often talk about it a lot with each other, without a hint of shame. On the other hand, female masturbation is still taboo, and girls do not necessarily feel comfortable talking to each other about it. Masturbating is normal regardless of your gender. If you want to do it, you should not feel like you are doing something wrong or gross. Discovering your own body and pleasure can be very empowering.

Learning about anatomy

In sex-ed we are shown diagrams of male and female genitalia, but there is a lot to be said about erogenous zones that are not mentioned. Although everyone’s body works differently, classes rarely mention the importance of the female clitoris in terms of arousal and pleasure. The female orgasm can sometimes be described as something really hard to attain: we bet whoever said this was unaware of the clitoris’ existence.  

Sex is not only penetration

Defining sex as only being a penis going into a vagina is a heteronormative way to look at it. This definition excludes a lot of other forms of intercourse which are also sex, such as oral or anal sex. We need to speak out more about the different ways in which we can have sex, other than penetration.

Consent is key

The #Metoo movement brought to light the huge issue that is consent. Consent is agreeing that you want to have sex with your partner(s), whether that be by saying yes or letting them know that you want to. If at any point you no longer feel comfortable or want to continue having sex you do not have to apologize, feel sorry, or keep going for fear of hurting your partner’s feelings. You have the right to put a stop to it, and your partner should respect that. Sex without consent is rape, hence the importance of teaching young minds about it.

So is good contraception

Have protected sex, whether that be by using a condom, taking the pill, having an implant, etc… Having unprotected sex puts you at risk of catching an STD or being pregnant, which is why we need to teach teenagers about the different methods of birth control available, rather than only mention the pill and condom in sex-ed classes. There are lots of different existing forms of contraception, and you have a say in which one best fits your needs. Finding a birth control that works for you might take some time, but it is very much worth it.

Abortion is a choice

Depending on when you find out you are pregnant, and if you want to end your pregnancy there are different methods that exist. The morning after pill can be an option if you have had a condom problem, unprotected sex, forgotten your contraception, or made a mistake when taking your birth control. Some of them can be taken up to five days after the day of intercourse. After that five-day delay, you will have to go into a clinic to get an abortion.

Sex is not like porn

A lot of young people watch porn and base their sexual education on what they see in these videos. Yet, the sex you see in porn is not the same in real life: actors are rarely shown giving their consent or using lubricant for example. The way bodies are portrayed is also different: men never have erectile disfunctions, female labia are close to nonexistent, women are always waxed to perfection. Porn can perpetrate certain norms in terms of bodies, gender, race that are not realistic and we need to be aware of that.

Pee after sex

If you have female genitalia it is important to pee after having penetrative sex, to avoid having urinary tract infections (UTIs). During intercourse bacteria can be introduced into the urethra and travel up to your bladder provoking an infection. To lessen the chances of this happening, peeing is recommended, as it flushes out the bacteria introduced.

Sex does not have to hurt the first time

The myth that sex has to hurt the first time still needs to be debunked. Pain can be lessened or even nonexistent if your partner helps you feel comfortable and relaxed, if you trust the person you are with, and if you use lubricant.

Some schools, parents, or politicians try to scare kids about sex, highlighting the risk of catching an STD or getting pregnant, to keep them from having it. However, fear is rarely an effective method, since kids often end up having sex anyway, but being uninformed. This in turn leads to more unprotected sex and unwanted pregnancies. Having an open and positive discussion about sex, as something that is fun and a natural part of our lives, is the best way for people to have enjoyable sex while being responsible.

Article by Inès Huet

It might just be Christmas in March! What in the Bad Santa is going on, you ask? Wait, it’s actually good news all around. After coming out with the highly anticipated, ultimate, waterproof makeup remover cleverly called Milky Oil, Glossier, the growing NYC based start up beauty brand, is at it again. Now, introducing a brand new line of makeup gleefully named Glossier Play.

Glossier, You Stay!

When Emily Weiss created Glossier five years ago, wanting to enhance the natural beauty of women and to allow them to feel pretty in their own skin, she also envisioned a line of products that would grow with its faithful customers by always evolving and catering to their needs. From the very start, Glossier’s presence on social media, specifically Instagram, proved an effective way to craft the brand’s “beauty au naturel” narrative, to build an engaging and loyal following, to generate excitement through beautifully thought out and attractive online campaigns, and also to get direct, honest, and unaltered feedback from their now 1.8 million followers. By carefully gathering and analyzing much of the feedback from comments and surveys from beauty gurus and regular customers alike, Glossier was able to engineer, not only the dream cleanser that girls all over the world were longing for, but to also positively contribute to the lack of a color ranges that cater to the needs of women of color. Glossier now fully understands and embraces diversity by featuring more black and brown girls in their online marketing campaigns. I actually wasn’t surprised when they snatched my beautiful friend Isata to be part of the Glossier family and represent team G2 in the perfecting skin tint and stretch concealer – Life lesson 101: don’t hate, congratulate; and always be your friend’s biggest cheerleader! – If there was ever a true representation of inner beauty shining from within, she is it, folks! As a matter of fact, the active Glossier army of diverse girls AND boys who proudly rock the brand by posting pictures of their fresh faced look on the Gram is a true testament to the inclusiveness and overall positive image that characterize the young beauty brand.

Credits: Glossier Play

Highlight Bling

In late February, Glossier posted a video on the newly created Instagram Glossier Play handle that said it all: “It’s a new day!”. Go check it out if you haven’t yet. It’s hilarious. Hearing the cute 90s throwback bop that was “I love your smile” by Shanice made us all giddy with nostalgia and anticipation for what was to be introduced. Within 24 hours, and even before any brand or product details had been announced, the Glossier Play account accumulated 57,000 followers. Now at more than 82,000, the day is finally here. Glossier has officially introduced their first ever line of makeup, boldly stepping into the very competitive realm of established giants such as L’Oreal and Estée Lauder. Already a noted player in a global beauty and skincare industry currently worth $445 billion, Glossier rightfully plays alongside new comers and overnight successes like Fenty Beauty by singer turned fashion icon Rihanna and Kylie Cosmetics by global influencer Kylie Jenner. Glossier Play clearly aims to cater to more daring customers who might spend more time watching makeup tutorials on Youtube than they would want to admit and love to have fun and play with colors and texture. To do so, Glossier has introduced four debut products: an eyeliner, a lip pen, a highlighter, and a glitter gel. Plus two makeup accessory products: Blade, a high-performing sharpener and The Detailer, a handy glitter applicator. Cleverly surfing on the current 1970s studio 54 revival trend – think Tommy Hilfiger’s latest collaborative collection with Zendaya at Paris Fashion Week – the new makeup line is all about bold dramatic colors and sultry textures to create head-turning looks and have fun with it. 

Credits: Glossier Play

Colorslide, the color-true gel eyeliner, comes in 14 shades from matte to metallic with witty names like Brack (darker than brown but not quite black) or Adult Swim (a deep indigo). Glitter Gelée, the multidimensional paillettes, comes in four shades from metallic gunmetal to iridescent pink. Niteshine, the refined pearl powder highlighter, also comes in four shades from deep copper to pale pearl. Finally, Vinylic Lip will make your lips pop in shades of taupe to orange. Basically, this line of makeup is the equivalent of that Freakum Dress! (“Pull out the big guns”, says Queen B!). Dutifully aligned with Glossier’s core values, all of these products are of course cruelty free, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, nut free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested. 

You can now express your individuality in a rainbow of ways with Glossier. It’s not just the colors on your face. It’s the colors of your mood. Now let the makeup play!

By PK Douglas