Hello artists in NYC ! This weekend, Paulette is collaborating with a New York-based collective of creatives. They are starting the conversation about women in the art industry, to make people aware of the sexism that takes place and how difficult it can be for a woman to make her way in the art world. Come and join us !

In 2016, 63% of undergraduates that studied creative arts and design subjects were female, and in contrast, only 29% of artists represented by London’s major galleries were female” explains the Freeland Foundation.

Female power is on the rise and now is the time to take advantage of this growing
movement. Women should be encouraged to pursue the careers they want and not to worry about the industry being dominated primarily by men. Some of these talented female artists are not only having trouble to display their work but they’re also losing the high-ranking jobs in galleries and museums, says Farah Joan Fard.

By creating ‘Breaking Through the Canvas’, this collective of artists is bringing together women in the world of art to talk about their different perspectives and experiences. From showcasing the art they have created to their accomplishments and failures.

Who will speak at the Arlo Hotel, on the 9th of March ?

Hiba Schahbaz, Genesis Tramaine and Lolita Cros

The artists Hiba Schahbaz and Genesis Tramaine and Lolita Cros – hosted by Andrea Delph, founder of Living Room and digital content and marketing manager of the Whitney Museum of Art. Just talented women, coming from all different backgrounds, demographics and artistry levels. Yes, this is the perfect way to support female artists and their passions.

Please join us at this private event to discuss these topics to fully grasp the problem and to feel hope for the future. Let’s get our minds turning and our mouths talking!

Where ? The Arlo Hotel, Manhattan

When ? March 9th from 12 – 3 pm.

How ? RSVP here

After the panel discussion,there will be a meet & greet to dig even deeper into this topic.

Article by Katie Chaplin

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