The brand Bimbay Y Lola is collaborating with the artist Hey Reilly to create a series of pictures and videos that can capture the essence of the world of fashion. This correlates with their pop brand image and how they play with irony and the play on words. 

Hey Reilly is utilizing their cool aesthetic to create visual content that is able to portray the image of the brand and their bags. This way customers can see the products from a new angle. Previously, Hey Reilly has collaborated with brands like Fendi.

This collaboration is divided into two series. In the first series bags have collages of an important piece of art on it. They have appearance like they are real so that it doesn’t look fake and ironic. 

In the second part of the series they have the “bum bag” and the “fanny pack,”  the artists also use different kinds of fruits and trees to keep up with their play on words. This collection is more avant-garde and it relates to the more artsy and corky codes of the brand. 

Article by Katie Chaplin

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