Want to know a great thing about working from home? You can listen to whatever music you want AND as loud as you want while you work! That opportunity doesn’t come around every day. Sometimes, searching for the right song, and continually clicking next can potentially be a distraction. So why not make it easy for yourself and listen to curated playlists or a selection of albums that are worth a listen from beginning to end.


Youtube is endless. Check these out and cruise through your workday.

Want to take an adventure without ever changing out of your pajamas? We are very fortunate to live in a time that allows us to have an insane amount of access to different virtual experiences while we are stuck at home! Right now, we can get creative and find new ways to stimulate our brains and get our eyes off of our phone screens! So if you are really feeling cooped up, it might be time to take yourself on a new journey. All you have to do is pop some popcorn, grab your favorite drink and get cozy on the couch. 


We can all agree that it’s pretty rare to see a busy city center, amusement park or sandy beach practically empty! With almost half of the world population doing the right thing and staying home, these places are deserted. If you check out a live cam of the Las Vegas Strip or of the Eiffel Tower surroundings, it feels like watching a scene from a movie. It is so bizarre, but so interesting to see. 



Even though you may be craving a real outdoor adventure, this comes second best for the moment. You’ll be able to explore magnificent views and pretend you are actually there. Hike through Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah or discover the lava tubes in a volcano in Hawaii. You may even find your next travel destination once this is all over! 



For those of you who are big Disney fanatics or even if you have never gotten the chance to go, you can take a virtual ride onto some of Disney’s most popular attractions. Bring some thrill and excitement into your daily routine. Lift up your spirits and bring back the sweet nostalgia from your childhood. You can find most of these rides on Youtube. Et voilà, you are practically inside a Disney Theme Park! 


Maybe you’re an avid museum-goer and you simply appreciate slowly scrolling from one art piece to another. Or maybe you just haven’t been to many museums and you want to check out what the hype is all about. Now you can use Google Arts & Culture to take a tour and visit different museums from around the world. There are different museums for every taste. So, you are bound to find something that appeals to you.



Many artists and performers are live streaming homemade performances and concerts since any type of gatherings has been canceled. Although this is a huge bummer, it also gives everyone the opportunity to attend their favorite artists’ show for free! One of the biggest music festivals in the world are even streaming live DJ sets for your viewing pleasure. Follow your faves on Instagram and watch their stories to know when they are going live!

You can search for hundreds if not thousands of virtual experiences online. It’s important during these troubled times to let your imagination run free and keep your mind and heart in high spirits. Transport yourself into another world that is different than where you currently are!

It’s critical for all of us locked up at home to focus on our mental health. We need to remain positive and hopeful with all the surrealness going on around us. It’s okay to not be okay! Focus on the good things coming out of this experience. It is uniting us our worldwide, healing the Earth, shining a light on selfishness, and giving you all the time to do things you don’t normally have time for. Keep yourself in a good mood and have fun being at home! Here’s some mood-boosting music to chill to at home.

Well, here we are, stuck at home to make sure that we keep ourselves and others safe. Whether you’re a homebody or not this is a lot more time at home than you’ve ever had before! It’s the perfect time to take the best care of yourself, reflect, heal and enjoy with this time. This is most certainly self-care & development month. Let’s take advantage of this corona time and make the best of it! Here are some ideas to keep you busy. 


Right now, we are currently living in history. This is the first time ever to have this kind of pandemic on a global scale. It is all so surreal and we are all experiencing something extremely abnormal for us. Write about it! You could even record a video daily of what you’ve been up to and how you’re feeling day to day. 


You know that thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had enough time to do… well now’s the time, honey! You could bake bread for the first time or learn to sew, choreograph a dance, whatever it is that time has held you back.


Pull some outfits together, get wild with it! Make up a small runway and walk it out with your quarantine pals. Or you could plan ahead and pick out some killer outfits to wear once this is all over and you make your first debut back out in the world. Plan some cute outfits out and take pictures to remember the idea for later! It’s the perfect time to make a mess of things and have some fun with it and pack away your winter clothes and bring out your spring/summer!


Read a book, listen to a podcast or take an e-course. There’s so much available to us online to gain more knowledge. You could come out of this quarantine as the next Isaac Newton! 


It is so amazing to see how many gyms are offering free online classes to keep everyone active during this time of confinement. Pull up those Instagram workouts you’ve saved for later but never looked back it. Even though you’re all cooped up it’s the perfect time to focus on some of your fitness goals and crush them! 

Make the most of your time as much as you can. These are uncertain and stressful times and it can even be a little scary. Try not to think about all the negatives of the situation and focus on the positives of it. 

If you’re looking for something shiny and chic but aren’t wanting to burn a hole in your pocket we have the best selection of the finest jewelry boutiques or E-shops of France. 


Every piece of jewelry in Waekura’s collections are made solely in France. Every piece of jewelry is created to be durable and of high quality. If you would like to create something very special and personalized for a loved one, Waekura does customized engravings on their jewelry. It would be the perfect gift to tell someone how much you mean to them.

20 rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris

 24 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris: Le Bon Marché, 1st floor

E-SHOP: https://www.waekura.com/collections/tous-nos-bijoux-1



A handmade jewelry brand created by women for women. Each piece is made uniquely to mix and match to suit all your desires to accessorize. You can find anything like a dainty and simple necklace or a chunky eye-catching ring. Being a team of all women, they know just what you are looking for!

Where you can purchase:

E-Shop: https://www.emma-chloe.fr/



This brand has an exquisite boutique in Paris that you can’t miss going into. It gives you that luxurious feel we all love while looking at jewelry but without all the extra 0’s on the price tags. They also have an amazing selection of pieces you can customize but if not their lookbook is just as impressive.

Jewelry Bar: 12 RUE VOLNEY – 75002 PARIS

E-Shop: https://louyetu.fr/en/


Hellooooooo March! The month of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Now is the time to celebrate yourself and the incredible, strong and hard-working females around you. It is time to fully embrace and love yourself. Appreciate who you are and what makes you, you! When you love oneself you are able to love others more. The most freeing feeling is to accept and be confident in exactly who you are inside and out.

Self Love, Paulette Wallpapers

Let’s celebrate the love for yourself, every day can be a day to adore and appreciate you, by you! Go ahead and give yourself some compliments. Point out those favorite things about yourself and markdown your achievements and how far you have come. The days can be long and challenging but by the end of it, you can pat yourself on the back or give yourself a hug because you go, girl! You did it, you got through another day.

Self Love


Now, on Paulette, we have special goodies just for you! For a daily digital reminder, you can download our self-love & empowering wallpapers to your phone or share it with a friend who might need a little pick me up.

What is endometriosis anyway? It may be likely that you have heard of this condition but it’s more likely that you don’t know that much about it. Endometriosis is a chronic condition that causes symptoms of heavy bleeding, nausea & vomiting, anxiety, chronic fatigue, bloating, pain during sex and possible infertility. This occurs when the cells In the lining of the womb break down and bleed. Normally, these cells exit the body through the vagina but with endometriosis, the blood is released into other places like the abdomen, ovaries, bladder, among other places.

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month. I created this infographic hoping to educate others on endometriosis. Statistically, someone you know is suffering, and it's highly likely she’s unaware that what she’s experiencing isn’t “normal”. Please share to help spread awareness. You never know who is out there desperately looking for answers.

This is believed to affect 1 in 10 women or roughly 176 million women around the world. Yet some doctors tell women when hearing their symptoms that some women just get heavier periods. They are not taken seriously and some are not diagnosed for years and are having doctors just throw them pain relievers. This illness is just shoved under a rug and ignored. People just chalk it up to thinking that they just get bad cramps but it will be over in a week and they will be fine. If you talk to someone living with this daily, they will tell you a completely different story. 

Endometriosis is not just a bad period like some us may know it to be. It is a major chronic illness that affects a women’s emotional and mental state with physical pain.

These women are dealing with symptoms and effects of endo daily and you probably don’t even realize. Women are SO strong and resilient going to work every day despite the pain they are feeling. They grit their teeth and bear it and try their best to live like nothing is wrong. 

There is a serious lack of awareness. There is no cure. Medication, some surgeries, and heat pads simply are not enough to help. Women struggling need something more to be done and doctors should be actively looking for a way to cure this disease. More gynecologists and doctors need to become more knowledgable and understanding about what these ladies are going through. 

If you are living with endometriosis know that you are not alone! If you are having these severe symptoms regularly and you have been told it is normal by your gyno, I implore you to seek out another opinion. Keep searching until you find someone who can diagnose you properly and start giving you the help that they can offer you. 

It’s Endometriosis Awareness Month! Let your friends and family members be heard by sharing information about this chronic illness.

For more information or to join a community of others experiencing the same as you, check out https://www.practicalendo.com

Written By Katie Chaplin

In the land of Paris, it is typically known for its espressos but lattes are really starting to make their own debuts. Cafes are not what they used to be, most cafes you can now find a a range of specialty lattes. All the way from your everyday latte to one with charcoal! Iced coffee has been thrown into the mix as well and that is something that was quite hard to find here in the past.

These cafes are really standing out with their lattes and other coffee drinks and are worth checking out!


Not only can you get a delicious latte with a beautiful design but on the weekends during brunch you are served a coconut with fresh fruit!



Saint Pearl serves specialty coffee and serves all homemade pastries and of course brunch too! They work magic with their drinks and really know how to whip up a matcha latte!



Besides the delectable food and the cozy environment, here you can get a latte to stay or to go. You can pick it up if you’re in a hurry at the bar. The baristas pay close attention to detail with their latte art to brighten up your day.



With a cafe originally in Melbourne, they graced us with their presence in Paris. You can’t go wrong with any latte you order here, hot or cold! It’s situated right next to Sacré Cœur giving you a perfect after coffee view on your way out.



You might just miss this one if you don’t pay close attention to its discreet location off the Canal Saint-Martin. It is a very small location so there is normally a queue outside but the wait is well worth it!


Written by Katie Chaplin

Today, we are all aware of what is happening globally that is causing floods, wildfires, and pollution. It is going to take all of us together to start working towards a more sustainable lifestyle for us to make a drastic change for the sake of our future. Granted, it is easier said than done. Luckily, we live in a world of apps to simplify our daily lives. By using these apps you are able to start making eco-conscious choices and will make you more aware of your current footprint. 


If you download this application you are able to search or scan beauty brands you use to give you information about the “dirty” and toxic ingredients potentially in your products that can be harmful to you or to the environment. It will give you the level of dirty and explain the reasoning why. Think Dirty will also give your recommendations for cleaner products that you can switch too.



This is the perfect app to look into detail about the brands you are wearing and getting a clear picture of their impact on the environment, how they treat their workers, and the treatment of animals. They give you trusted brand ratings and sustainable and ethical fashion labels to discover.



By using JouleBug you are able to easily start changing your everyday habits with helpful how-to videos, and information articles. You are able to track your daily sustainable acts of goodness and encourage friends through the app to do the same.



EcoCRED was created to make your life easier by providing simple solutions to climate change and what eco-friendly habits you can adapt to your everyday lifestyle. With this app, you are rewarded for your efforts every time you complete an eco-habit! You can also measure and track your footprint and the progress you make overtime for reducing it. 



Vegan Maps provides you * for free* with vegan and raw food restaurant options in over 150 countries. Instead of walking aimlessly or scrolling through google maps you can just check on their map for recommendations in the city you’re in. It will even update you on restaurant and cafe openings allowing you to try the newest next best thing. If you fall in love with a place you can save it so you can be sure to make it back.


Written By: Katie Chaplin