In our Instagram-fascinated era, exhibitions and events are often curated to be aesthetically pleasing on social media. That’s how pop-up museums are thought of with the visual aspect very much in mind (and sometimes the sole reason of their creation). While they are moving around, and most are gathered in the US, this list focuses on the current pop-ups to check out in New York City.

Instagram has become the go-to place for selfies or beautiful pictures and while sometimes the quest for the perfect background leads to death, some are much easier to find. Colorful or breathtaking experiences are especially created to look good on picture and on social media. The dream machine @inthedreammachine with its rainbow wall might be the best known of such places, together with the @museumoficecream with its enormous ice cream statues and ball pits.

Get a drink at the Rosé Mansion

Rosé has become the staple drink of summer and the Rosé Wine Mansion is taking advantage of the trend. After a very successful run last year, the Mansion is back in the city for the summer with many pink backgrounds and rosé cocktails to try while learning a little more about the wine.

Choose your color at the Color Factory

Created in San Francisco, this interactive art space can now be found in Soho (NYC). There, 16 rooms in color are waiting to be the perfect background to your new favorite Instagram picture. From the balloons with students’ wishes to the blue ball pit, there is something for everyone. There is also a location in Houston, Texas.

Menesunda Reloaded, the updated exhibition

Marta Minujin is one of the most prominent Argentinian artists, and her famous 1965 exhibit La Menesunda (meaning “a confusing situation”) is making a come back. Then, it made the visitor think about the consumer culture and urban life. Now, updated to respond to today’s world, Marta Minujin: Menesunda Reloaded confronts the viewers about social media and celebrity culture. It is on view at the New Museum until Septembre 29.

Winky Lux

The Winky Lux Experience Store is in Soho. The beauty brand has created a beautiful space in 8 rooms and an immersive brand experience. You can play with the products or showcase your love for your bed with the mural “namastay in bed”. A $10 ticket is necessary but the money is credited towards in-store purchase.

Explore the deep seas at Ocean Cube

The Ocean-Cube exhibit is an immersive deep-sea experience perfect to feel like the Little Mermaid. Whether you enjoy the coral tunnel, the jellyfish station or the bubble mall, you will get amazing pictures for your feed. The exhibit runs until Octobre 23.

Feel like Alice at Wonderworld

Entering WonderWorld Space is entering a world of magic and fantastic. First opened in 2018 at Andy Warhol’s Studio, WonderWorld is back in New York City until October. Eight NY-based artists have created the eleven spaces that feel like walking inside a dream.

Many more immersive experiences are popping up all over New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, especially in the summer. Please note that the TV show Friends is celebrating its 25th birthday next month and that Central Perk pop-ups are incoming in NYC and LA.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

It’s already mi-August, which means summer’s almost over. To go back to work in an inspired mindset, check out these activists’ Instagram accounts. 

Francesca Willow (@ethicalunicorn)

From sustainability to social justice, Francesca Willow’s Instagram account is aesthetically pleasing and keeps you questioning your life. For example, she gives tips on how to recognize which brands are actually sustainable and which are just pretending to.

Gurls Talk @gurlstalk

Model Adwoa Aboa created this platform so that girls and women would have a safe space to talk to each other. The account promisses no judgement or stigma, and features strong women and inspiring quotes.

Nyle DiMarco @nyledimarco

Nyle DiMarco is an American model and actor who won both America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars. But he is also deaf and an activist for his community. Through his Instagram account, he makes the public aware of the difficulties deaf people face everyday.

Emma Watson @emmawatson

Everyone’s favorite Hermione is a feminist activist, a UN Women Goodwill ambassador, who uses her platform to speak out about women’s rights. After launching the HeforShe campaign in 2014, she started the feminist book club Our Shared Shelf in 2016, starting with Gloria Steinem’s My Life on the Road. She shares her thoughts on current affairs and feminist issues partly through her Instagram.

Lizzie Carr @lizzie_outside

Lizzie Carr is always outside, as her Instagram account shows. She is a sustainability activist and fights for cleaning the oceans. She founded @plastic_patrol, a crowd-sourced movement to clean the planet. She also shares her struggle while fighting cancer.

Rachel Cargle @rachel.cargle

Author and lecturer, Rachel Cargle is an inspiring academic. Her account is the go-to for conversations on the intersection of race and women issues. She gathers a big community and encourages critical thinking from her followers.

Hannah Witton @hannahwitton

Hannah Witton is a London-based YouTuber & author who talks freely about sex and relationships. Breaking taboos one by one, she gives sexual health tips curated for young women. She also shares her life living ulcerative colitis, a chronic illness.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

While the white buildings and blue sea of Santorini are the stuff of dreams, there is more to Greece than the famous island. Here is a selection of less-visited spots than Athens, Mykonos, Delphi or Olympia to check out for your next journey to Hercules’ country.


An ensemble of Eastern Orthodox monasteries on the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Meteora can be found in central Greece. The rock formation makes for an amazing landscape, with six monasteries left (from the original 24) on top of huge natural pillars.

Temple of Poseidon

This ancient Greek temple was built between 444 and 440 BC. Now in ruins but with very well preserved columns, the Temple of Poseidon dominates a beautiful view of the sea. Perfect for a day trip from Athens, the sunset is breathtaking but the area can get crowded.


Mystras © Cecile Cardinale

Mystra is a perfect destination for hiking and medieval town lovers. After a 15-minute drive from Sparta, the climb to the top of the rock is about one hour. Churches and buildings from the 14th and 15th century make it a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well, and the Pantanassa and Peribleptos Monasteries are well worth the hike. 

Myrina, Lemnos

Myrina © Zachariou Fotini/Wikimedia Commons

A working fishing port, Myrina is the main city of Lemnos, an island mainly spared by the waves of tourism. Walk along the port and watch the fishermen coming back to shore or go visit the ruins of an old Venetian castle, visible from the city of Myrina. 


Part of the Dodecanese islands, Tilos only has a population of 780 (in 2011). The small island is known for its green landscape and rich wildlife, with many flowers and birds to be admired. Go on a hike or walk in the small villages before hitting up the quiet beaches. Old monasteries and the ruins of medieval castles can be found around a corner of this natural reserve. 


The island of Telendos is about 0.6 miles off Kalymnos (from which the above picture was taken). Not much else than a mountain, Telendos is car-free. While many visitors come for day trips, you can stay on the island, and enjoy the quiet, the wildlife and the hikes it has to offer.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

If you have clicked on this article, chances are you like clothing, having fun with your outfits on the daily, but you are also a bit lost. Maybe you feel like the way you dress is all over the place, maybe you are unsatisfied with your wardrobe, and you do not feel like it reflects your personality or what you want to project to the world. Have no fear, we are here to remedy that and help you find your personal style.

Start off with what you already have in your closet: lay out all the clothes that you own and identify which pieces you like and which ones you do not, and why. What pieces do you keep reaching for and why? What pieces on the contrary do you dislike? Perhaps it is a question of fit, color, or cut. Keep those elements in mind.

They will come in handy when you try to find people whose outfits you like. This is a fun step, in which you can go explore profiles on Instagram, Pinterest, your favorite fashion websites or street style blogs to see what style you gravitate towards. Try to analyze why you like a certain person’s style, or an outfit: is it a specific style? Such as preppy, girly, edgy, chic, more casual, boyish, androgynous. Are you attracted by certain colors? For instance, do you prefer neutral ensembles, or printed clothing, all black or colorful outfits? Finally, are there precise pieces of clothing that you keep coming back to: like skirts, dresses, pants or statement shoes?

For example Haley Nahman (@halemur)’s personal style consists in put-together, boyish looks with a few feminine touches, and a neutral color palette

Create a mood board using images you find online or in printed magazines to have a visual rendition of the elements you like. This will help them stand out more clearly for you and will be useful inspiration when you will come up with your own outfits later on.

From there, identify five pieces of clothing that would constitute the basis of your wardrobe. In other words, choose the five essentials of your style.  

In Elena Taber’s case (@elenataber) key pieces would include: a long dress or skirt with a subtle print, and a good pair of boots.

Go find those five pieces by shopping, borrowing or repurposing your clothes. Finding your style does not mean you have to buy new clothes, you can try borrowing clothes from family members or friends to see how you feel in them, buy in vintage stores, or online secondhand shops, or do diy projects to give a second life to your clothes and make them fit your style.

If you decide to shop for new things, respect a few rules: shop with a purpose. You do not need ten new jackets to have your own style. A few, precise pieces of clothing can go a long way. Also do not buy things simply because they are cheap, just because a t-shirt is 70% off does not mean you need it in your wardrobe, nor that you really like it. Instead, buy things you can imagine yourself wearing long term, not because they are inexpensive or on trend. Find clothes that are good quality, and that would be easy to wear with the things you already own. As you become more aware of your style, it will be easier to shop efficiently and know which items fit your style or not.

Experiment. If there are clothes you like on others but think you could never pull off, try them on regardless. You might be surprised how something looks once it’s worn, rather than on a rack. Also, try going shopping with a person whose opinion you trust, and whose taste you like, and have them pick out things they think would look good on you. Sometimes this can be a nice way to try on things you would never dare to choose for yourself, but that actually feel great.

Illustrator Sha’an d’Anthes (@furrylittlepeach) loves wearing bold colors and prints, but also the occasional neutral outfit

Remember, your style does not have to be one clearly identifiable thing, you can change it up on different days. You do not constantly have to wear dresses, or elegant ensembles: some days you might reach for baggy jeans and a loose t-shirt and that will still be you.

Article by Inès Huet

Summer’s almost over, whether it’s back to school or back to work. If you’re already dreading having to think of hairstyles to tame your hair and keep it from getting in your eyes while you work or study, here are 5 easy (enough) hairstyles to try.

High ponytail

A classic, true, but always fashionable. It keeps your hair from getting everywhere and leaves it free-hanging to showcase wavy beach-like hair (because summer s too short) or straight and long like Ariana Grande.

Reverse dutch braid ponytail

A twist on the precedent hairstyle. If the high ponytail feels too easy for you, why not try this reverse dutch braid? You still get the advantage of hair-free vision but it instantly feels more elevated, great for the library or a nice party.

Double top buns

We’ve seen the double buns a lot this year, from festivals to the beach. But this hairstyle is cute while being easy enough. Plus, it keeps some of it flowing freely, if you can’t decide between having your hair up or down.

Twisted ponytail

You like a good old-fashioned ponytail but you still want to change it up? Twist some of your hair around the hair-tie and get an intricate looking hairstyle that’s quick to achieve.

Braid with a scarf

Scarves are great accessories for your hair. Whether it’s around the hair-tie if don’t have time or braided into your hair like this picture, it gives something more to your look.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon changed the musical world, both on stage and on screen. The Fosse/Verdon series (FX) tells the story of the complicated love and successful artistic collaboration between the choreographer and his muse. 

Michelle Williams and Sam Rockwell in Fosse/Verdon © FX

Two legends of the musical scene are brought back to life on screen, through the impressive performances of Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams, in the Fosse/Verdon series. They play Bob  Fosse, choreographer extraordinaire turned Cannes-celebrated director and Gwen Verdon, star actress of Broadway, his muse and an equally great artist. Fosse/Verdon came out in April 2019, and if you haven’t had time to watch it, take advantage of the rest of the summer. The eight-part series has been nominated 17 times at the Emmy Awards, which will take place in September.

A complicated love story

Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon met during the rehearsals for Damn Yankees! in 1955. Even though they were both in relationships at the time, they fell in love and got married. They had a stormy marriage and ended up separating but they never got divorced and kept on working together – and loving each other – until Fosse died of a heart attack in 1897. Together, they made some of the most admired Broadway musicals (Chicago…) and movies (Cabaret…) of the era. It’s this stormy love story between a driven, self-destructive and womanizing artist and a strong and very talented woman who is often forgotten, that is narrated in Fosse/Verdon. The series reads like an ode to the talent and inspiration of these two characters who changed Broadway while showcasing their deep personal struggles.

Fosse is the insufferable genius and Verdon the suffering woman who loves him and helps him even though he scorns her. But through the different time periods and the subtle performance of Michelle Williams, the series gets away from the cliche. In this post #MeToo world, Bob Fosse could have just been the one-dimensional powerful man treating badly the women around him and burning the candle at both ends (between substance abuse and working endlessly). But with the help of Nicole Fosse, Verdon and Fosse’s only child, the series becomes much more than that. The question of abuse (which both Verdon and Fosse were victims of) is central, and reflects an important question of today’s Hollywood scene. How do you break free from the cycle of abuse? Gwen Verdon is also given her due, not just as the muse of a brilliant choreographer but as the woman who supports him and as an artist who is central to the creation of Fosse’s masterpieces.

A constant back and forth in time

However, for viewers who have no clue about Fosse’s life, things can get blurry, especially at the beginning. Fosse/Verdon is using the same principle as Fosse himself did in Lenny (1974), jumping from one time-period to another (between 1955 and 1897). Since time is marked by a countdown to Fosse’s ineluctable death, the spectator can feel lost for a while, finding his footing in the amount of hair left on Rockwell’s head.

Nevertheless, the choreography, the familiar show tunes, the personal tragedies and the acting are more than enough to keep the viewer hooked on Fosse/Verdon.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

At only 16 years old, Cyntoia Brown was sentenced to life for the murder of a man. Victim of forceful prostitution at the time of the crime, she received support from many stars and activists and has now been set free.

A 16-year-old tried as an adult

Cyntoia Brown was 16 in 2006 when was convicted of killing 43-year-old Johnny Michael Allen. The teenager pleaded guilty to the crime but explained that she was forced into prostitution and abused by a pimp named Kutthroat, and got scared when she thought her client was reaching for a weapon. The prosecution said the homicide was premeditated because Cyntoia Brown was planning on robbing Johnny Allen.

After serving 15 years of her life sentence, Cyntoia Brown has been granted clemency by former Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam and has finally been released on Wednesday. She will be on parole for 10 years. 

Support from celebrities

Cyntoia Brown’s name is known by many, because her case has caught the attention of activists, especially in the sex workers’ rights community, and high-profile celebrities, mostly through the 2011 documentary entitled Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story by Daniel Birman. They took action to free her because they believed that the system failed Cyntoia Brown, a victim of sex trafficking, and was wrong in trying her as an adult when she was only 16. In November 2017, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian used the #FreeCyntoiaBrown on Twitter. Snoop Dogg and Cara Delevingne are among other stars who got invested in freeing Brown. A petition was even started, asking for the president to pardon Cyntoia Brown, and gathered more than 675,000 signatures.

This is not the first time the American public and some celebrities denounce the US judiciary system, accusing it of favoring whites over minorities and rich or poor. Kim Kardashian already fought for and, in June 2018, obtained the release of Alice Marie Johnson, an African American first-time drug offender sentenced to life in 1996.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

The LA-based denim brand Mother unveiled a capsule collection called Mystical, right on time for the revival of spiritualism.

The beneficial properties of crystals are sought after

The famous Woodstock festival may be turning 50 years old in 2019, but the hippies and the mysticism some of whom followed are not just things of the past. For several years now, women have reclaimed the imagery of the witch. Far from being the villains of fairy tales, mystical women sing the praises of herbs, potions and crystals through numerous blogs. The Mother brand was inspired by the ambient spirituality of California to unveil a capsule collection called Mystical. True to its original inspiration, growing up in California in the 1970s, Mother celebrates freedom and independent spirits.

A pair of jeans for every need

In total, 17 pieces combine fashion and alternative beliefs. Four cuts (and colors) of jeans meet different needs: “Prosperity + Strength”, “Intuition + Creativity”, “Protection + Serene Travels” and “Love + Happiness”. Each pair of jeans comes with its own pouch, containing crystals corresponding to each need. There is also a denim jacket and shirt, embroidered with planetary or star-shaped symbols. A tracksuit, for the rather sporty aesthetics of the California Girl, socks and T-shirts with modern humorous messages (“Mystical af”) complete the silhouette of the mystical woman, often in the essential tie-dye colors.

The Lion’s Gate Portal

The capsule collection was unveiled on August 8, 2019, the day of the Lion’s Gate Portal. This astrological event, when the Earth aligns with the Sun and the star Sirius, is important for any mysticism enthusiast. It symbolizes transformation, evolution and energy update. The Lion’s Gate Portal is the best time to accept change and get a newfound appreciation for the world around us. The ideal time to find out more about mysticism? 

The Mystical collection is available in stores and on

Article by Juliette Cardinale

Every year, European cities are bustling with activity in summer. Music, theatre, dance festivals, exhibitions or concerts… Hot summer evenings seem to be the perfect time to take to the streets or dance throughout the night. Discover a selection of events from Paris to Venice to spice up your European August.

2018 Sziget Festival © Rockstar Photographers

For a musical summer

There are plenty of music festivals every summer, the difficulty is to choose which one to attend… The Sziget Festival, from August 7th to 13th in Hungary, welcomes Ed Sheeran, Florence + The Machine, Macklemore and many others. 

Every year, the Reading and Leeds (England) rock festivals are held simultaneously and share a program (on different days). From August 23rd to 25th, the Foo Fighters, Twenty One Pilots and The 1975 will be on these stages. 

Also in the United Kingdom, the Beatles’ hometown is celebrating the Fab Four from August 21st to 27th. The streets of Liverpool will resonate with Hey Jude and such during The International Beatleweek Festival.

In France, during the Rock en Seine Festival, The Cure, Jorja Smith or Major Lazer will take to the stage from August 23rd to 25th.

For electro music lovers, you will have to go to the Netherlands to discover Martin Garrix or Diplo at the Mysteryland festival from August 23rd to 26th. 

For theater and dance enthusiasts

Opera, theatre and classical music will be featured at the Salzburg Festival in Austria from July 20th to August 31st. 

The city of Edinburgh is becoming a cultural hotspot through various festivals from August 2nd to 26th. The Edinburgh International Festival offers dance, theatre or music representations, while the Edinburgh Festival Fringe presents sometimes experimental works and numerous street performances. Note that the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (a festival of military bands called “tattoo”, it’s not about skin of tattoos!) takes place over the same period near the door of Edinburgh Castle.

For dance lovers, Berlin is hosting the Tanz Im August from August 9th to 31st. A retrospective dedicated to the American dancer Deborah Hay is to be discovered between two new dance creations.

The US Pavilion at the 2019 Venice Biennale © Francesco Galli

Photography or contemporary art

Take advantage of August to visit the must-see Rencontres de la photographie dArles, where each year splendid photographs are exhibited and rewarded. The 2019 edition runs until September 22nd. And if your interest is more in contemporary art, the Venice Biennale will be held until 24 November. The Picasso, Obstinately Mediterranean exhibition at the Picasso Museum in Paris will delight fans of the Spanish artist until October 6th. While the exhibition In Real Life at the Tate Modern in London highlights works that play with the light of the artist Olafur Eliasson until next January.

Some different celebrations

The annual Notting Hill Carnival celebrates London’s multiculturalism. On August 25th and 26th, the western streets of the British capital city will be filled with brightly coloured outfits, aromas of traditional meals and lively rhythms.

On August 20th, head to Budapest for a huge celebration. St Stephen’s Day celebrates the anniversary of the Hungarian Constitution. Music invades the streets and a huge fireworks display is fired in the evening on the Danube.

Discover also the Tomatina, an unusual festival that is the annual meeting place for tomato lovers. On August 28th, a giant battle where tomatoes are weapons will paint the streets of Buñol, Spain, in red. Make sure to wear an outfit you don’t care about too much but remember that a white t-shirt is mandatory!

Article by Juliette Cardinale

YouTube is one of the best platforms to find inspiration and support gifted creators. Watching artists talk about their process, their work in progress, how they built their company or started their channel is really uplifting, as is seeing how they managed to put together beautifully animated and edited videos. We love finding women like Holly Exley or Fran Menses whose aesthetics we embrace and soaking in all their creative juices.

Fran Meneses

Originally from Chile, Fran has traveled the world with her husband Ed: moving from Berlin to Brighton, to New York where she currently lives. Fran does a lot of vlogs of her daily life as an illustrator, and also shares all the new mediums and techniques she tries out. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she makes clay pins, paints porcelain, or makes her own tree house decorations. We like her channel not only for Fran’s unique pastel-toned style, but also for her honesty and ability to open up online about her struggles and anxiety.

Furry Little Peach

Sha’an d’Anthes (aka furrylittlepeach) is an illustrator, artist and author from Australia whose excitement and cheerful attitude is contagious. Her content is bright and playful, a reflection of her own work. Her channel features vlogs, art challenges, the occasional haul, and many trying out videos. Sha’an makes it a point to always answer her community’s questions at the end of every video, giving out tips and tricks for all the aspiring artists out there in need of advice.

Holly Exley

This British freelancer is a full-time artist who has been working as an illustrator for a long time, making all her advice videos invaluable. She talks about everything from art theft, to the process of making her new cookbook, her painting projects and how to find your illustration style. Also a committed vegan, she shares her favorite recipes and meals online.

Leigh Ellexson

Leigh’s favorite things to draw are without a doubt animals and landscapes, which she always manages to draw in her bubbly, colorful style. She works a lot with gouache, watercolor and pencils, and walks us through her process in her vlogs. It is also really satisfying to be able to see Leigh’s evolution, in terms of content and drawing. Tune in for studio vlogs, painting videos, and gouache/watercolor reviews.

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Tattoos may seem like trivial drawings on people’s skin, or like just another new trend that will come and go. Yet, they can also have a great impact. Tattoos can change our relationship to our bodies, helping us to love and accept it; they can be healing in cases of trauma or loss; mark important events or experiences; be humorous. They can be meaningful, simply funny or decorative: every tattoo is different and unique. No surprise then, if you want to get one yourself. Here we review some important things to know before taking the plunge!

First, think about why you want to get one. If you simply want a tattoo because it is trendy, it might be best not to get one, as trends come and go: by very definition they do not last, whereas your tattoo is permanent. Take your time thinking about it, waiting to be sure is also a good way to know you are certain you will want the design on your body forever. Once you are positive you want to get a tattoo comes the fun part: figuring out a design and finding the right tattoo artist.

The design

You have the choice between two options when getting a tattoo: doing a personal project or choosing from a flash. A flash is a design the tattoo artist drew himself, because he likes the design. Some think flashes are devoid of meaning, but they can on the contrary be the perfect way to find a drawing that corresponds to a project you have in mind but do not know how to express visually. On the other hand, a personal project is one you submit to your tattooer, who will then imagine a design that corresponds to what you have asked him: he is designing it specifically for you. If you want your own drawing tattooed, know that all tattooers do not accept tattooing designs that are not theirs. Instead, they might prefer to take your drawing as a base and rework it in their style.

Be respectful of tattoo artists’ work: do not bring in a design you saw from another tattooer and ask to have it copied, this is stealing. The same applies if you want to get an illustration tattooed: if possible, check with the artist whether this is okay with them, and if they have a specific policy when it comes to tattoo. Also, flashes are only tattooed once, most artists refuse to tattoo the same design twice. If you like a drawing that has already been tattooed, you can ask for them to rework it for you.

Finding the right artist

Instagram is one of the best places to find a tattooer you will like: this social network acts as a portfolio for most artists now. With Instagram you can find an artist whose style you like and see his work. Make sure to check if they also have healed pictures of the tattoos: most artists will ask their clients to send in healed pictures a month or more after getting it done. Generally, pictures you see on IG are taken right after the tattoo has been done, when it is looking very fresh and clean. Seeing how it ages is important to know the tattoo artist’s technique is on point.

Tattoos do not come cheap; they are expensive because they are an investment. You are paying a lot to make sure your tattoo will last in time and look good while ageing.

Know that artists can be permanent residents at a tattoo studio, but they can also move around and be a guest at another studio. Tattooers often travel around the world, guesting at different shops: so, if you see an artist whose work you love but who is from another country, know he might come to yours at some point.

Machine or hand poked?

There are two different techniques possible when getting a tattoo: you can have it done with a machine or be hand poked (also referred to as stick and poke). When you get a tattoo with a machine, the tattooer is using a tattoo gun that has several needles at the end. If you get a hand poked tattoo, your tattooer is using a single needle and poking the ink into your skin with his hand: this can make for thinner more detailed lines. Some even say that getting a hand poked tattoo can be less painful than a machine one.

The day of

When you go in to get your tattoo, make sure you are properly rested. Bring loose clothes and something to eat/drink at the appointment. Be careful that everything is properly cleaned and disinfected: your tattoo artist should change his gun needles, disinfect his tools and his stations, clean his hands, use new gloves, disinfect your skin, etc…. A tattoo is an open wound, it is essential not to have it get infected.

Everyone’s pain level is different, and certain zones hurt more than others. A pain chart can be useful in seeing which areas are the most sensitive.

A tattoo takes around a month to heal: your tattooer will tell you what products to use on it, and how to wash it. Listen to his/her guidelines and make sure to respect them. You might have to go in a month later and get your tattoo touched up, since certain lines can fade during healing.

After it’s healed, continue taking care of it: protect it from the sun and hydrate it from time to time, to keep it looking good.

Happy tattooing!

Article by Inès Huet

Valentina Sampaio is Victoria’s Secret’s first openly transgender model, a decision which creates hope for a more inclusive future of the brand. The famous lingerie brand has often been under fire for its narrow representation of women.
Valentina Sampaio en coulisses de la campagne Victoria’s Secret Pink

Brazilian model Valentina Sampaio, 22, has become Victoria’s Secret first openly transgender model. On Monday, she posted a behind the scenes picture of a Victoria’s Secret Pink campaign on Instagram, and her agent confirmed the following day that she was working with the lingerie brand for a campaign to be released mid-August.

Offensive comments from a top executive

The decision comes almost a year after Ed Razek, chief marketing officer of Victoria’s Secret’s parent company L Brands, said in a Vogue interview that “transsexuals” models should not walk the runway during the annual Victoria’s Secrets angels TV special because “the show is a fantasy”. He added that plus-size models were not hired because “no one had any interest in [a television special for plus-sizes in 2000], still don’t.”

Razek had later publicly apologized through a statement on Twitter, declaring that “we absolutely would cast a transgender model for the show” but that none of the models that came to previous castings had made it, “like many others”. A company email on Monday announced that Ed Razek would retire by the end of the month. 

Valentina Sampaio, who has previously made the cover of famous fashion magazines such as Vogue Paris and Vogue Brasil, has not been hired for the TV special. The company is currently considering whether to even have a special or not, following the very disappointing ratings of the last show.
Barbara Palvin, Yasmin Wijnaldum, Winnie Harlow, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner et Alexina Graham au défilé Victoria’s Secret 2018

A struggle for more diversity in lingerie fashion

Ed Razek’s comments were not the only source of criticism towards Victoria’s Secret. The general lack of diversity, especially in a world which turns to bodypositivity, has changed the image of Victoria’s Secret into an out of touch brand. Karlie Kloss, one of the high-profile Angels of the brand, left Victoria’s Secret in 2015. She revealed early 2019 that she did not renew her contract because the portrayal of women did not fit her ideas as a feminist.

Victoria’s Secrets sales have also been disappointing, especially as new high profile lingerie brands have hit the market. Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty underwear label has put diversity at the core of its creations and marketing (pregnant model Slick Woods even walked the runway). Transgender models have also been featured on the covers of famous magazines such as Playboy in 2017 and taken part in campaigns for clothing brands such as H&M or Calvin Klein.

Celebrities have acclaimed this move towards diversity for the underwear brand, including transgender actress and model Laverne Cox would commented “Wow finally!” on Sampaio’s Instagram post. 

Article by Juliette Cardinale.