Given the current situation, traveling to Italy might be quite tricky at the moment. However, this does not mean we cannot dream of a time when all of this will be over and we will be free to travel and discover new places again. Rome is definitely on the list of magical places we want to go to. The capital of Italy is an iconic city full of architecture, history, culture, and tasty food. Without further ado, here is a four-day trip itinerary that will make your stay in Rome one to remember.


Fresh off the airplane, drop off your luggage at your hotel and quickly head to Villa Aldobrandini. Enjoy the view of the city and walk around in the garden before making your way to Piazza di Venezia. This massive square also overlooks the city, which makes it another nice viewpoint. Take your time and walk around the area, stop to peek inside churches. Churches in Italy are very colorful, full of details and ornaments. Santa Maria Maggiore church is a great example of how breathtaking churches are in Italy. Last but not least, if you are already in the mood for shopping, we recommend the thrift store Pifebo Vintage.


Your second day on Italian soil should include tons of activities to make the most of it! To start off the day properly, have breakfast in the Villa Borghese park, at VyTa. There is nothing better than having a good cup of cappuccino while basking in the sun under the pine trees. After a delicious breakfast, the time has come to visit the Villa Borghese, one of Rome’s most spectacular museums.

Following the visit, we recommend having lunch at L’Orso 80, a typical Roman restaurant that serves delightful pasta. We had the salmon pasta and weren’t disappointed! In the afternoon, explore some of Rome’s most famous landmarks, including the Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and last but not least Luigi dei Francesi Church, where three Caravaggio paintings are displayed.


Two options on your third day: either go to the Vatican in the morning, then the Coliseum and Forum in the afternoon, if you have never been to Rome.

Or, if this is not your first time in the city, we recommend going to the Picio hill to get a great view of the city and walk around in this lush park. Afterwards, walk down the stairs to the Piazza del Popolo and visit the Santa Maria del Popolo church. Take a stroll in the neighbourhood before going for a bite in the Roman ghetto. Spend the rest of the day exploring this part of the city.


In the morning, visit the ancient ruins of the Caracalla Baths. Get lost in these impressive ruins before having breakfast at Tram Depot. We love this cute, charming café, that serves delicious coffee and pastries. Take in the dolce vita atmosphere, and relax. Next, walk towards the Trastevere district: a very hip, arty district, full of street art and graffitis. Get lost in the streets, but make sure to visit the beautiful Basilica di Santa Maria. Be careful however. Restaurants get crowded very quickly at lunch hour. If you do not want to stand in line waiting for a table, consider eating early. We particularly liked eating at the Ombre Rosse.

Feel free to adapt this itinerary to your rhythm, and the things that you wish to see. Above all, we recommend taking it easy, and venture off the beaten touristy path to get a more authentic feel of the city. Trust yourself, let the magic happen.

Article by Inès Huet

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