May is a month to travel! Especially with prices as low as 20€! Thalys has around 65,000 tickets available for low budgets starting this month and they will continue all summer.

Currently, their best three deals are to Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. You could go to one every weekend of this month or even all at once. Who doesn’t love an opportunity to discover new places? Thalys is a high speed train, it takes only 1h22 to reach Brussels from Paris aboard the red trains, 3h14 to Cologne and 3h17 to Amsterdam.

Belgium from 20 € (3 to 6 passengers: 20 €, 2 travelers: 25 €, 1 traveler: 29 €)

Germany from 27 € (3 to 6 passengers: 27 €, 2 travelers: 31 €, 1 traveler: 35 €)

The Netherlands from 30 € (3 to 6 travelers: 30 €, 2 travelers: 33 €, 1 traveler: 35 €)

In Brussels, you could explore all the treasures of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts. They have an exhibition showing there now until July 21st called Wim Delvoye.

Grand-Place and City Hall

While in Cologne you could attend the Ludwig Museum which is well known for its famous collection of Picasso paintings. 

If you are looking for a city vibe with rooftop views, check out Rotterdam! 

Article by Katie Chaplin

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