In our Instagram-fascinated era, exhibitions and events are often curated to be aesthetically pleasing on social media. That’s how pop-up museums are thought of with the visual aspect very much in mind (and sometimes the sole reason of their creation). While they are moving around, and most are gathered in the US, this list focuses on the current pop-ups to check out in New York City.

Instagram has become the go-to place for selfies or beautiful pictures and while sometimes the quest for the perfect background leads to death, some are much easier to find. Colorful or breathtaking experiences are especially created to look good on picture and on social media. The dream machine @inthedreammachine with its rainbow wall might be the best known of such places, together with the @museumoficecream with its enormous ice cream statues and ball pits.

Get a drink at the Rosé Mansion


Rosé has become the staple drink of summer and the Rosé Wine Mansion is taking advantage of the trend. After a very successful run last year, the Mansion is back in the city for the summer with many pink backgrounds and rosé cocktails to try while learning a little more about the wine.

Choose your color at the Color Factory


Created in San Francisco, this interactive art space can now be found in Soho (NYC). There, 16 rooms in color are waiting to be the perfect background to your new favorite Instagram picture. From the balloons with students’ wishes to the blue ball pit, there is something for everyone. There is also a location in Houston, Texas.

Menesunda Reloaded, the updated exhibition


Marta Minujin is one of the most prominent Argentinian artists, and her famous 1965 exhibit La Menesunda (meaning “a confusing situation”) is making a come back. Then, it made the visitor think about the consumer culture and urban life. Now, updated to respond to today’s world, Marta Minujin: Menesunda Reloaded confronts the viewers about social media and celebrity culture. It is on view at the New Museum until Septembre 29.

Winky Lux


The Winky Lux Experience Store is in Soho. The beauty brand has created a beautiful space in 8 rooms and an immersive brand experience. You can play with the products or showcase your love for your bed with the mural “namastay in bed”. A $10 ticket is necessary but the money is credited towards in-store purchase.

Explore the deep seas at Ocean Cube


The Ocean-Cube exhibit is an immersive deep-sea experience perfect to feel like the Little Mermaid. Whether you enjoy the coral tunnel, the jellyfish station or the bubble mall, you will get amazing pictures for your feed. The exhibit runs until Octobre 23.

Feel like Alice at Wonderworld


Entering WonderWorld Space is entering a world of magic and fantastic. First opened in 2018 at Andy Warhol’s Studio, WonderWorld is back in New York City until October. Eight NY-based artists have created the eleven spaces that feel like walking inside a dream.

Many more immersive experiences are popping up all over New York City, San Francisco, or Los Angeles, especially in the summer. Please note that the TV show Friends is celebrating its 25th birthday next month and that Central Perk pop-ups are incoming in NYC and LA.

Article by Juliette Cardinale

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