Eco-friendly, advocating strong and aesthetical values: the brand new New York designers don’t cease to amaze us by their relevant originality, and hold America’s fashion brands to a whole new perspective.

Our hearts do not only belong to Paris when it comes to fashion and creativity. Not hazardously, the Big Apple has also a huge place in it because of her original designers. That’s why our Paulette’s editors have chosen for you five New York brands representing this endless inspiration which seems never to fall asleep…

Jonesy, Minimalist Lingerie for All


Mustard yellow, cherry, sea green… All of these great colours have their places into Jonesy’s lingerie. Grabbing our bodies correctly, minimalist without excess, the designs also have a vintage touch, evoking our childhood and 90s aesthetic well represented in movies such as Sophia Coppola’s. Opened to different sizes, the brand offers size D bras for instance, which is barely impossible sometimes, still nowadays.

Jonesy’s website

Luiny, oceanic jewellery    


Have you ever tried to listen to the sound of the sea through a shell? It seems that nearly all of us did. This appeal that we have for water and sea’s plethora of mysteries is precisely one of the guiding lines of Luiny. Indeed, this new New-Yorker brand offers oceanic jewels just as they could provide mermaid rituals. It is evoking grain of sand’s gilded by the sunset, light’s reflections on the waves, or its sinuosity through gadrooned overlaps. Plus, it seems that all of these jewels also handmade and produced thanks to recycled metals keep a secret, just as the sea, the cradle of love.

Luiny’s website

Mansur Gavriel, urban feminity


At Paulette, we’re allowed to like pink and sparkles fearlessly and fiercely. It is also, an aesthetic that we cherish a lot. That’s why, when designers share this vision; it is indeed a chance for us. Mansur Gavriel is one of these brands that we love to put forward. Offering collections with a lot of ready-to-wear pieces and accessories, we find again these pastel and sparkly colours that are always enchanting us. A genuine celebration of New York City feminity, little details remind us of Carrie Bradshaw’s petticoat for instance, but that is not all. Mansur Gavriel also offers us items that we can wear daily such as XXL quilted jackets and things that we truly love to wear in times of celebrations just like this awesome and perfectly tailored silk chiffon dress.

Mansur Gavriel’s website

Meg Shops, a store promoting solidarity


Our way of consuming is significant. It is a breach of our impact in the world, and some brands such as Meg Shops remind us of that. Their products made by women for women link feminism, environment and solidarity by using sustainable fabrics, and by organising fundraisings to contribute to associations such as the New York Planned Parenthood, helping families and women by opening a health and preventive centre towards people who have no one to turn to.

Meg Shops website

Ajaie Alaie, sustainable clothes with mystical manners


The ritual of wearing amulets was, in some cultures, a way of protecting ourselves from bad energies, and a way to create new and good ones. Ajaie Alaie’s idea was to recreate these habits with our daily clothes by giving to each clothes one kind of amulet, visually reminding of the impact that we have on the world surrounding us. This impact on the world, and by extension on the planet, is exemplified by the way these clothes are conceived. Relentlessly evolving toward a much more sustainable fashion, the brand offers organic pieces, pieces made without water, and some others produced thanks to biodegradable fabrics. The items are also well though: composed of neutral colours, mat textiles and thoughtful details, the overall gives to the clothes a unique look instilling dance, movement and energy.

Ajaie Alaie’s website

Article by Yasmine Lahrichi

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