At Paulette, we love discovering new songs and new artists. Everything from indie  to electro pop. If only we could have background music playing everyday all day!  Here are some of our favorites at the moment. 


Clara Luciani started out with a French rock band called La Femme before going solo. She released her first album called Saint-Victoire in 2018. She recently won the Revelation Scene at the Victories de la Musique 2019 and just released 4 new tracks. Clara is enhancing the world of French pop with her timeless music and her deep and powerful voice. 



Angéle is a Belgian artist who mixes up electronic music, pop and rap in both French and English. She originally gained popularity from combining comedy and singing on her social media. This led her to come out with her first single entitled “La Loi de Murphy” in 2017. Her voice sounds euphonic and as smooth as honey. She has many talents from writing to playing the piano and making you laugh. Angéle is an innocent and angelic looking blonde with a strong French flair!


Ehla is a French pop singer who writes her own music and takes inspiration from nostalgic memories from her life in the South of France, her move to Paris and the belief that it’s okay for people to make mistakes. She started composing when she was only 15 years old. Her voice has a beautiful smooth and retro tone. She sings her lyrics with precision and fluidity.



Storm Calysta calls herself an intergalactic cowgirl on Instagram. I have to say that I don’t think this description could be anymore accurate. Calysta is out of this world with her style of indie pop music and eccentric videos. Her music mostly consists of playing the guitar with a super futuristic tone. To gain popularity, Calysta performed and live streamed her music on the Internet. She did this every hour and gained over 100,00 viewers.


Cruel Youth was created from the love between Teddy Sinclair and her husband Willy Moon. When they first met, they fell in love right away. Their bond was not only intimate but also fueled by their creative chemistry. Teddy’s music hypnotizes you with her psychedelic beats coupled with her edgy and alluring voice. The band’s first single “Mr. Watson was released in 2016.

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