We are all in the same boat, surrounded by bad news and uncertainty right now! If we all manage to maintain a positive mindset and a hopeful outlook on life, we’ll be able to really help each other get through these difficult times. Instagram is really an amazing tool to connect with others and to see and share things that make us smile and feel good inside. While you’re scrolling through Instagram, check out some of these accounts. They will bring some more sunshine and positive vibes into your day! 

Not only are Katie and her husband total couple goals, they have also been posting some really entertaining videos of them making the best of being quarantined at home. If you’re at home with your significant other, you could even try to recreate some of the things they do. 


Hannah is based in Austria and she is always posting beautiful sun-filled posts on her story as well as inspiring adventures on her feed. Her smile is contagious when you see it! She also posts awesome yoga workouts to motivate her followers, and put everyone in a good mood.


Raveena is a little ball of sunshine all year round. Her Instagram posts radiate light, positivity, and music. She will inspire you to feel good and look good. Her page is so bright and colorful it will bring some magic into your life.


Kylie is all smiles & creativity on her page. She is always finding the most innovative ways to make a simple photo look spectacular! Thus proving that, even stuck at home, there are some ways you can manage to have a good time and create some amazing works of art with a camera.


Aileen aka Lavendaire is known for her videos on her personal growth, lifestyle design. She is bound to make you feel calm, cool and collected. She has so many fun ideas for things to do, so many self-care tips and suggestions to stay positive! Aileen really helps put things into perspective.


If you have any other accounts that bring you joy and positivity post, them in the comment section below! Let’s all spread happiness & positivity to each other and help each other through this.

Article by Katie Chaplin

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