What’s the very first thing you do when your alarm annoyingly goes off in the morning? I wish I could answer “meditate”; but not quite. I’m working on it though. For now, I go ahead and grab my phone in a half-sleep half-programmed robot state to scroll down my Instagram feed, until my brain slowly switches on. Not the healthiest morning habit, sure, but it has become way healthier since I’ve carefully curated the accounts I choose to follow.

Like any app out there, Instagram has a good side and a bad side. One of the most interesting use of the popular image app is allowing a wide range of artists to showcase their work to a large audience and connect with a community of #artlovers. Here is a short selection of talented French artists whose illustrations and drawings are a much-needed ode to tolerance, diversity, and sorority. A morning shot of art and empowerment that awakens the mind and warms the heart. Simply scroll away, and feel uplifted throughout the day, with abandon.

1/ @clémence_gouy

Clémence Gouy is a French illustrator and graphic designer based in Amsterdam. Inclusivity is paramount in her work

2/ @eugeniedbart

Eugénie Debesse is a 20-year-old freelance illustrator living in Reims. She draws modern feminist women who say plenty with just a look.

3/ @celestewallaert

Céleste Wallaert is an illustrator, graphic designer, and textile designer based in Paris. She champions diversity, emotions and human relationships through her art.

4/ @stickycookiie

Stickycookiie draws minimalist and colorful designs with a specific goal in mind: normalizing the female body in all shapes and sizes. She is a freelance illustrator, living between Paris and Montreal.

5/ @lesfoliespassageres

Les folies passageres is a French-Canadian independent, feminist, queer, and inclusive publishing house created by Maud Bergeron and Bonnie Braun.

Article by Alexandra Hostier

English translation by PK Douglas

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