From ugly food to Israeli cuisine, dig in to our favorite food trends for 2019.

2018 has come and gone. 2019 is fully upon us with new inspirations, points of reference, a new vibe, and more specifically new trends, often galvanized through social media. Fortunately for our planet, food trends don’t operate in a vacuum. The way we consume is now heavily tied to greater challenges such as global warming and environmental concerns. People tend to pay greater attention to what and how they cook, which explains the growing popularity of seasonal fruits and vegetables, recipes passed down through generations, and delicious home-cooked meals prepared with love and attention.

Let’s spill the beans on 5 food trends that make our mouths water as we write.

1.     Delicacies from Israel


Shakshuka has been a staple on many Parisian restaurants menus for the past few years. So, don’t be surprised to see more food and delicacies directly inspired from the land of milk and honey pop up in your plates very soon. Embrace the flavor escapade!

2.     Healthy desserts


Açaí bowls are a sure Instagram gold, but the same amount of likes can be achieved with a beautifully presented seasonal fruit bowl. Add in low-sugar yogurt for texture, and you get a very healthy snack full of complementary flavors.

3.     Chickpea pasta


Chickpeas make delicious pasta! Who knew? More protein, more fiber, and less sugar is the winning combination you’ll get from chickpeas, and—wait for it—they are gluten-free!

4.     Homemade jam


Does apricot jam remind you of warm summers spent at Granny’s house in Provence? Why not bring Provence to your urban life all year round, by making and storing your own homemade jam in beautiful glass jars on your kitchen shelf.

5.     Ugly produce


Refuse to pass over weirdly shaped vegetables and imperfect looking fruits at the produce aisle. Why? Funny, you ask. Because their weird shape means they most likely weren’t treated with chemicals, they taste great, and they are the next food trend revolution! One eco-friendly choice at a time…

Article by Pauline Machado

Translated by PK Douglas

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