Nowadays, we have the assumption that reading is a long gone habit. However, book lovers and bookshops are still full of people wanting to discover new books that will make them forget everything about the real world, or will make them understand our universe better. Even if you stand with the book lovers team or not, these 3 books will not disappoint: 

  • Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt – Three women in a mirror.

Schmitt is a famous French literature figure. He wrote several books- each better then the other- and is well read all over France. Of all his work, I chose this one because of how it resonates. 

“Three women in a mirror” deals with three different women in three different space and time. We follow the lives of Anne (during the Renaissance), Hanna (during the imperial Vienna of Freud), and last but not least Anny who lives in our actual Hollywood. Schmitt depicts how these women do not want to settle for the lives the patriarchy had already chosen for them.  They seek a real fulfillment from life that doesn’t come from marriage or men at all. These women whose lives are totally opposed have nonetheless similar purposes and the same need of a drastic change. Surrounded by all sort of noxious people, they will try to make up with reality since life wasn’t enough for them, in order to find the peace they long for.

You can find the book, just here !

  • Orion Carloto – Flux 

This young woman had first gained recognition from her YouTube channel. Thanks to her ever-growing community, she grabbed the opportunity to make her dream come true: write a poetry collection.

This book stages how life has its up and downs, and that even though we are taught not to depend on someone else; it is just how it is. First and foremost, Carloto wanted to create a nostalgic visual with her words, which is why her book is also filled with doodles. “Flux” is made for the lovers, the dreamers and the brokenhearted. It celebrates our darkest moments, when our mind goes through many states of grief before healing. This is a condensed of everything a human being might feel. We tend to forget that life is not just about the good moments, because without the bad ones we wouldn’t be able to appreciate what is there to enjoy. We learn and grow from our darkest moments; this book is the result of that. 

You can find the book, just here !

  • Choi Jae-Hoon –Seven Cat Eyes (The seven eyes of cat). 

Last but not least, this is by far my favorite book ever. Choi Jae-Hoon made his literary debut with “Baron Quirval’s Castle”. In 2007, the author won the new writer’s award from Literature and Society. Overall, he wrote 3 books and, in my opinion, Seven Cat Eyes is the most astonishing one yet. According to the summary, this book deals with 6 strangers that had been invited to an isolated cottage in the middle of a snowstorm. The link between those 6 strangers is that they are all members of a crime oriented website. However, the host of this meeting is nowhere to be seen during their time there and things will start to get bad.

This is how the story begins, but if this is what you expect the book to deal with for 383 pages, you are incredibly wrong. “Seven Cat eyes” is an allegory of how reality and fantasy sometimes merge together. At first, it looks like there are four separate stories, however they are all linked and there to make you question the whole book. Everything you thought you knew will get blurred. Every page will make you think, and when everything finally clicks, you will be overwhelmed by the author’s genius. When you finish this book, you will need a moment to process what you have just witnessed.

You can find the book, just here !

Article by Balkis Hmida 

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